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"Those Beeyotches Are Gonna Be Sorry"

Trump asks Bret who the weak link is, and Bret says it's very early and he can't choose one. Trump says that's bad for him, although on a restaurant task, things wouldn't be good for Curtis if they lost. Then he says Curtis is beloved by women all over, which he uses as an excuse to say, "Though I bet I've done better than he has." Don, along with America, shakes his head. Donald admits he has certain "advantages." God, I hope he's talking about money. Cyndi tells Trump her friend Edith thinks he's sexy, and Don pipes up, "How old is Edith?" Trump jokingly tells Don to shut up, and calls him a wise guy. Kind of a sweet family moment, actually. Rod talks about how good everyone else was, and then says he couldn't raise money, really. Then he praises Bret, specifically, for being such a good team leader. Trump asks Darryl if he thinks he won, then got distracted by how amazing Darryl Strawberry was. Darryl says he doesn't know if they won, but he thinks they did great as a team. He gives a long speech about being a team.

Trump explains Joan's role, and then says that she liked the women better. So they get $10,000 added to their total. Then he explains that the food Joan was served at the men's diner was good, but cold. She told him it was Rod's fault. Curtis says the food was hot when he served it, and then Rod pretends he can't remember talking to anyone but Joan. God, he is such a liar. If he wants people to believe he didn't commit a crime, maybe he should be honest in situations like this. The women raised $29,559, plus the Joan Rivers $10,000, for $39,559. The men raised $57,905. Trump makes it an even $100,000 for American Diabetes Association, for kids with Type 1 diabetes. Bret tells Trump he managed the restaurant okay, but didn't manage his diabetes very well. Trump can see Bret's emotional, so this must be important to him. He sends them back to the war room, and tells them how fantastic it is that they won $100,000, and equally fantastic that they're in Trump Tower. On the way to the elevator, Goldberg and Bret have a moment about diabetes, and Goldberg asks Bret to please learn a lesson from that and take care of himself. It's sort of oddly sweet. Trump tells the women someone will be fired. Cat fight!

In the war room, the men give themselves props for clobbering the women, even though they got the $10,000. Bret says he's had diabetes since he was six and just couldn't let the kids down. Now back to the boardroom, where Trump asks Cyndi what went wrong. She says she doesn't hang out with the rich and famous, but she has one friend who would have dropped a lot of money, but... Trump interrupts her and says it's not about the rich and famous, since they got the $10,000 advantage. Then he asks who the friend is, and Cyndi says Rosie O'Donnell. Trump: "Ugh. She's disgusting." Then it's a back and forth between the two of them, consisting of Cyndi saying she's wonderful and Trump saying she's disgusting. It's hilarious. Trump says Rosie went to his wedding. "Unfortunately someone invited her. That's true." He asks Sharon who she called. Then he asks Holly if she had tips, and wonders why they didn't get the big tips, since they're all beautiful. Ivanka says the men made $46,000 in tips and the women made $24,000. Holly says one of the issues was they left money on the sidewalk, because they had donors out there. Holly says she went to a couple ladies and asked them to go out there. Don asks if that was Carol's job, and Holly says it was Carol's job to hand out fliers, but they had to bring her back in when they had a crowd.

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