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"Those Beeyotches Are Gonna Be Sorry"

In the war room, Michael jokes about how serious Rod looks when he's watching the boardroom. He says he feels sorry for them. In the boardroom, Carol defends herself, saying she handed out fliers and did what she could. Ivanka asks who determined price points, since their prices were so low that they had people coming in off the street and tying up tables. The men made twice as much money on food. Cyndi says she determined price point. Trump says their location was better, so that's even more reason they should have won. Trump asks who he should fire, and Maria won't say, then Holly won't say either. Trump's like, "You all love each other and all that crap," but who could you do without on the task. Selita won't say, either, so Trump asks Maria again. He says he wishes they could answer the goddamn, fucking question, and I think maybe he should fire everyone who won't answer it. How fun would that be? (Plus, bonus! Shortened season.)

The men laugh, and repeat Trump's bleepage, and Trump bleeps some more. He says it's all bullshit, since they know an answer. Finally, Maria says Carol, since she doesn't know how much money she brought. Holly then says it would be between the project manager and Carol, because she was passing out fliers, which wasn't helpful. But she wishes Cyndi would have seen that. Carol stands up for herself, and says she's creative and they're going to need that. She says she called her big donors, but Jerry Seinfeld was out of town. Don points out that Carol wasn't in the top four in terms of money. The men think that getting rid of their writer, Carol, is a mistake, but they're about to. Carol tries to go after Holly, but Don points out she brought in the most. Sharon says she'd fire Carol, and Cyndi says that would be a mistake. Sharon asks who, then, and she can't answer. Summer says Cyndi or Carol. Trump asks Selita who to fire, and she won't say, so he asks her how she did. She can't defend herself, and they all stick up for her, since she cooked. Ivanka pipes up that they got a $10,000 bonus because her cooking was better than a chef's. Trump tells her he thinks Ivanka saved her very beautiful ass (his words, not mine). Selita gives Summer credit, and says the food was a group collaboration. Trump tells Cyndi to pick two people to come back to the boardroom. He says someone's getting fired. She says she's never fired anyone in her life, and he says she's not firing anyone, but to bring two back. After a bunch of annoying back and forth, in which Trump says he doesn't like firing people (riiiiiiiiiiiiiight) and that they did a good job, he decides not to make Cyndi choose two, and just fires Carol because most of the team chose her. She asks him if he'll consider making a donation to North Shore Animal League, so he says he'll donate $10,000 personally. He tells her life's not fair, and that her team threw her under the bus. Cyndi says she didn't, and then she's sad as Carol leaves. Trump says his obligatory, "That was tough." Trump, Ivanka and Don don't know if it was the right thing to do, but since it was what the team wanted, they think it was right.

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