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Designing Women

Gene comes back from where he was, and tells James what he wants done differently with the art, but James fights for his position and Gene caves. He's also afraid people are going to slip on the rugs. The furniture hasn't been delivered yet, so they wonder what the back-up plan (there isn't one). Time to panic.

Back already with the women. Nicole still won't make a decision, but she agrees with all of Tyana's, so it all works out. They're going to do their presentation as if they're working in an office, with Tyana as secretary and she'll pretend-buzz Nicole. Octane is finishing up, too. The furniture finally shows up with 30 minutes left. James finishes his painting. Gene tells everyone to hurry the eff up. Alex and Gene hug when they finish just in time. Anand's happy with their beautiful space, especially since men aren't always known for having that touch with design and layout.

Trump shows up at Fortitude first, and Tyana buzzes Nicole, who doesn't stop talking much at all, even when it seems like Trump is sick of her screechy voice. Or maybe that's just me. Nicole thinks they did great, but if they lose, it's totally Tyana's fault! No, that's not a direct quote, but it might as well be. She even admits that's why she asked Tyana for so much help and direction. Trump says he'll see them in the boardroom.

Gene and Octane are very happy with their modern green space. They didn't have a solid presentation plan, and wanted to let the space speak for itself. Trump asks who did the art (James), and says the boardroom doesn't look like a boardroom. And then... duh, duh, dun! A cameraman literally trips on the rug and falls while Trump's being filmed. He stops to ask the guy if he's okay, and Steuart interviews that's definitely going to be brought up in the boardroom, since a liability like that isn't what any businessman wants. Anand admits he ordered the rugs, and in their rush, they weren't able to tape those down. When he leaves, Gene says he can't gauge whether Trump liked it, which sucks for him because he doesn't have a Plan B. It's pretty bad when this show is your only option in life. I mean, the odds aren't great.

Boardroom. The teams are seated, when Trump walks in and wastes no time in letting them know this is difficult because he didn't like either space much. Which is when it's time for a commercial, so they all have plenty of time to think about their actions before he gets to the spanking. After the break, he repeats the same line, but says he does like one slightly more than the other. He tells Gene they almost lost a crewmember because the carpet wasn't attached, which is dangerous stuff, worthy of litigation. He asks who was responsible, and Anand says it was him. Trump asks if he didn't have the brainpower to handle that, and says twice that he almost lost a crewmember. Uh, melodramatic much there, Mr. Trump?

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