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Tea Party

Joan and Bill aren't in such agreement on Sharon. Joan thinks she wants this more than she's ever wanted anything in her life, but Bill thinks she's out of gas. Bill asks Sharon if she's up to the task, and asks if it's fair to the others. She says she can handle it, if she can handle two years of fighting cancer. She tells him she hasn't been able to pull her weight, but she's somehow here. He says she clearly hasn't raised the most money, but she says she deserves to be here more than anyone. He asks if she's a fighter, and she says no one's given her anything in her life, which is great because she doesn't owe anyone a thing. Joan brings up her saying she wouldn't want to win over Holly. She gets teary and admits that with Holly fighting for her child, it's hard to compete against her. Joan says she admits it. Sharon says she never thought she'd be here, fighting for her charity, because she thought if she started one people would throw money at it, but no one cares about your colon "because it's up your ass and it's not sexy." I'm not touching that one. So to speak. She says she made a deal to give back if she survived. Joan tells Trump that Sharon's not wishy-washy, given everything she's done in her life, and Bill agrees, but says this has been very tough for her.

Trump asks how this cast compares to last year's, and Joan says "not as volatile." Because there's no Annie. [No "whore pit vipers" makes this a dull show. -- Angel] Trump asks about Bret, and Bill says he has the fire and the passion, and he owned up to having made mistakes, which Bill likes. He says that says a lot about his character. Bill asks Bret about being scattered and whether he will be able to focus. Bret says there's one side of him that's creative, and another side that's driven to succeed because of being diabetic. He's here for one reason: so that no one else has to go through what he went through. Bret also says he's rolled with the punches and been agile and willing to change in his career. He says the harder he's worked, the luckier he's gotten. He tells Joan that his life has been focused on taking care of his business and his passion. He says his weakness is he lives on musician/rock star time. He says he's been his own boss forever, for better or worse. He's been running on little sleep. Joan says everyone says how nice he is, and wonders if he needs to be tough. He tells her not to mistake his kindness for weakness, because he's gotten more bees with honey than vinegar. He wants to win by winning, not by throwing someone under the bus. Joan tells Trump that Bret's an artist and wants this, but she didn't see the fire. Bill disagrees, and says he's very passionate about diabetes because of himself and now his daughter.

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