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On to Holly. Joan says Holly's living this, because it's not over for her when she leaves here. She goes home to deal with autism, which makes her strong. Bill thinks her two losses as project manager are a big problem, even though she raised a lot of money in one task. When he interviews her, he asks about the money she raised being a record. She says that's not all she did, though; she's not worried if she goes forward and it's not fundraising. Bill points out she has more losses than anyone else as project manager here, but she says she also has the most at-bats. He tells her she has to deliver a win, though. Joan asks Holly what she will look back on and be the most proud. She says she's learned she's more resilient than she thought, and didn't break down and go home. She says she probably could bump into Maria and it would be fine, but not so much with Cyndi or Carol. But she says this was business for her, not personal. Joan tells Trump that Holly's a mother, who wants this for her child, and everyone else should look out. Bill agrees she's an ass-kisser. Joan would like to see Sharon vs. Holly, because they're both connected to their charities. Bill says Bret's more connected to his charity. Joan agrees he's terrific, too, but she wants him to fight tougher.

The contestants continue to wait, in the same clothes, until Trump calls them back in to the boardroom. Bret tells the others on the way in how awesome it's been already. Trump tells them how proud they all should be, because they've really done a great job. He says two people will be fired, but there's no loser here. He asks Sharon how her interviews went, and she thought they went well, but felt a little better about Joan, because Bill's hard to read. Trump says Joan felt very strongly about Sharon, but why should he choose her. She says she made a commitment to her charity and has to see it through. That just doesn't sound like passion to me. He asks Bret how his interviews went, and he thought they both went great, though the interviewers took very different approaches. Trump asks him why he should keep him. Bret says he's creative, focused, a hard worker, and he's lived with this disease his entire life and is here in hopes they'll find a cure so kids won't have to go through what he did. He asks Holly, who says she was more comfortable with Joan, and it was tough, but in the end, she was happy with the interviews. Trump asks why he should keep her, and she says that she has passion. He says everyone does, and she agrees, but says there are differing degrees. Trump asks Curtis about his interviews, and which one he preferred. He liked Bill more, because he asked more business questions and Joan focused more on personal. Trump asks him why he should stay. He says he's the best leader in the group, and then says Trump put him in an awkward position, with two people who openly didn't like him, and he won them over. Trump says that Joan said he's a wonderful guy, but not very passionate, and Bill said he's a one-trick pony. He says they both came out pretty strongly against him, and even when Curtis tries to defend himself, Trump says he has to listen to Joan and Bill, who won for him, and he fires him. Curtis says he understands, and thanks Trump for the opportunity to spotlight Feeding America. They shake hands across the table, and Trump tells Curtis it's been an honor. Everyone tells Curtis they love him. Sharon's a little teary again. Curtis says he's never been fired and was disappointed not to raise more money, but he thinks he did a good job. "And if you've gotta be fired, you might as well be fired by Donald Trump, right?"

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