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Tea Party

Back in the boardroom, Trump says Curtis is a nice guy, and they all agree. Then he asks Holly who he should fire. She says probably Bret, because Sharon's passion has come out in the last couple of tasks. Trump says she made it a long way before it came out, though, but Holly says to look at her. "She feels it." Trump says there's no question about that. And I have to say I feel Trump's pain on this final decision because these three all have such personal ties to their charities. Trump asks Bret who he should fire. Bret says he would fire Holly, but before he can say why, Sharon breaks down crying and Trump asks her why. She says she doesn't want to be a loser. Trump asks Sharon who she would fire, and she says she can't because the three of them are so emotionally involved. Trump agrees, and says that makes it tougher for him. Trump asks Sharon if she can compete with, let's say Holly, in the finals, or Bret, who's been a winner in every sense of the word and hasn't lost as project manager. Sharon says she's strong enough; she died and came back. She says she's a fighter. Trump says she's amazing, but it's going to be tough to compete with these two. She agrees they're all fighters, and want it really badly. Trump says that Bill felt strongly that Sharon can't compete with these two right now. She says he doesn't know her and she's gone through much worse than this, and she comes back. Trump tells Holly and Bret that they're both fantastic, then tells Sharon he loves her and she's a special woman, but he fires her. Sharon hugs everyone goodbye, and Holly's crying a little. She says she doesn't cry. Trump says it's not easy; Sharon's a good woman. On her way out, Sharon sweetly tells Trump that his children are a delight. Sharon says she was saying to herself, "Will you stop fucking crying, you silly old bat? It's like, 'Enough.' "

In the boardroom, Trump congratulates Bret and Holly and sends them back to their suite. On the way out, Bret tells Holly he's sorry he has to kill her tomorrow, but right now; let's party. Bret tells Holly he'll get her drunk and hung-over so she can't compete. She says she's not underestimating Bret like everyone else did, but she wants "to beat that Unskinny Bop." They toast to all being fair in love, war, and raising money for their charities.

Next day, Holly and Bret meet Trump, Don, Ivanka, and a couple of other executive-looking types. Trump tells them the final task is a combination of everything they've done so far, and it will be about Snapple. With him is Larry Young, the chief executive of Snapple. Larry fills them in on the task: They'll create a new flavor of Snapple tea, extend the advertising campaign with commercial and print ad, and they'll launch the project at an event filled with employees, distributors, and fans. He introduces senior vice president of brand marketing Andrew Springate, who says they'll be judged on originality, creativity, incorporating their charity's mission and message, and maintaining the essence and spirit of the Snapple brand. Holly's super excited to incorporate her fifth child, which is her charity. Trump says the product launch will take place at Arena, and the winner will get $250,000 for charity. Oh, and their Snapple tea will be sold all across the country in support of their charities. Holly's already won $350,000 for her charity, and Bret's won $140,000. Trump says he'll send them help soon, and sends them on their way.

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