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Tea Party

Bret heads to the Snapple "mixology laboratory" so he can have a plan all ready when he meets his teammates. He gets his stuff all laid out and organized, when Summer and Darryl come in. Bret says he was like, "Yes!" when he saw them, which seems weird since it's Bland and the Quitter. Summer thinks it's a hard task to walk into. Darryl wanted to come back and redeem himself. Bret says he has a cold sore from stress, so Summer might have to lead the taste test at the mall. Holly's hoping for Summer to be one of her teammates, because she feels like they really connected (she better not sabotage Bret), but in walk Maria and Curtis. Hey, at least not Cyndi. Maria apologizes for not being Summer. Holly's just happy to have help at this point. Holly explains the task, which they have three days to complete. Maria suggests some ideas, and Holly basically shuts her down. But Maria keeps suggesting stuff anyway. Maria interviews that she's not going to fight for things this time, since it's Holly's task.

Holly's Snapple development scientist shows up, so they can pick their flavor. Bret and Holly have to have totally different flavors, so they have to split all the flavors down the middle and then negotiate. Both teams mix and taste. Curtis tells her which drinks to get rid of if it's coming out in summer, and Holly says she has an advantage with Curtis, who knows the palate thing. Bret's focusing on diet Snapple, which is good, because that totally incorporates his charity, right? He wants cinnamon and passion fruit, as a rock 'n' roll passion thing. Unfortunately, Holly and Curtis really want passion fruit, too. She wants to mix it with strawberry and make Compassion Berry. Summer tells Bret he has to fight hard to keep cinnamon and passion fruit, but he's confused about which day of the task he's on, and wonders how many guys and girls are in the ad. No, really. That happened. Summer tells him to fight for passion fruit, which is his number one. Holly lets Curtis be her negotiator, and he says he'll wipe the floor with Bret to get passion fruit. It's so weird they both decided on the same number one flavor. Oh, the drama of fighting for passion fruit.

Bret says he thought Summer would be a spy, since she's Holly BFF, but she's been smart and strong for him. Curtis comes in to negotiate, which Bret thinks will be tough, since he's a celebrity chef. Bret shows his hand right away, and says what he wants. Curtis thinks Bret's second combinations are pretty weird. Bret tells him he won't give him passion fruit; that would be kicking him right in the nards. His words, not mine. Curtis pretends they wanted all the same stuff, and Bret ultimately gives up the passion fruit. Curtis thinks Bret gave it up a little bit easy, making Curtis think Bret was bluffing. Bret pretends he didn't want passion fruit anyway, then says, "I'm lying. I did." Curtis comes back in and tells Holly it was like taking candy from a baby, and he feels bad. The women are impressed that he got everything on her list. When Summer and Darryl come back in, Bret tells them they lost passion fruit, which doesn't make Summer happy. She wants to see the actual video of the negotiation of Bret giving up. Oh, just wait, Summer. You will.

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