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Tea Party

Bret's team is putting together their two drinks. Pear Plum Nutty and Trop-A-Rocka. They like both of them. Darryl goes to the mall for the taste test. Summer asks him what if no one likes Pear Plum Nutmeg, and he says it doesn't matter; it would be his executive decision. Holly's two drinks: Compassion Berry is still strawberry and passion fruit. Maria wonders if it needs a spice. They add basil, so they take the same drink as their two samples, but one with basil and one without. Maria wishes they'd come up with two completely different drinks so the public could tell them which one they like, but Holly gets something in her mind and you can't change it. Maria thinks it could be a mistake.

Bret and Summer are working on their label when Don stops by to check on them. They're so engrossed they don't even notice him. Bret tells Don the Pear Plum Nutty tastes great, but he doesn't think it sounds like a combo he'd want to drink. Then he goes to visit Holly, who's working on her label. She's incorporated autism by putting puzzle pieces into the label, which he likes. Don thinks it's going to be a problem for Holly if people don't like the taste since she's linked the passion fruit so strongly to the name of the tea. At the mall, the taste tests are side by side. It seems like everyone likes Holly's drink, but no one likes the Pear Plum Nutty. Maria sneaks some of Bret's pear/plum drink, which she and Curtis both think is gross. Maria compares it to the whole brood of Rock of Love in one drink, which is not delicious.

On the way back, Darryl calls and lets Bret know the public liked the tropical, vanilla, and cinnamon drink. Bret changes it to go with what the people like, which means changing their creative, but he does it pretty seamlessly. Holly's worried about the next day, when they have to create a three-page advertisement and a thirty-second ad. Curtis calls a prop house after-hours, because he has some girl's cell phone number. Holly and Maria make fun of him the whole time he's on the phone, but he does set stuff up for 9 the next morning. Oh, and when the girl assumes Curtis won, he doesn't tell her he didn't. Bret and his team finish their label, which is pretty cool and rock 'n' roll, though I'm not sure it incorporates the charity enough other than in fine print. But Darryl and Summer think it's perfect. Summer is worried about tomorrow, and asks him to get his head around it.

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