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Tea Party

Next morning. Bret's team shows up to work on their print ad and commercial. Bret wonders how you can make a diabetes message funny, and Darryl thinks you don't. Summer thinks you can be subtle. He wants to do two ads, so they can show them they were so good with their time management they came up with two ads: a sincere one and a funny one. Summer thinks they barely have enough time to shoot one commercial, because they also have to do the three-page ad. Holly shows up in her workspace while Curtis and Maria are on their way to the prop house. Holly's already started working on a script for the commercial, so she starts calling about casting.

Curtis and Maria arrive at the prop house, and he still doesn't tell his friend, Amanda, that he didn't make it this far. Maria thinks it's so funny seeing women swoon over Curtis. Because, you know, she totally pretends she hates him, which is a much more effective way to deal with her crush. Bret's bottles arrive, and Curtis loves the way it looks. Summer says there's no denying what their message will be. Snapple sends one character over for them, the explorer guy, whose name is Arthur. Their funny concept is for Arthur and Bret to be two bad actors hired to do a Snapple commercial. Bret casts Darryl as the director in the commercial, and then they put Darryl on contacting casting. Summer says her full-time job is getting Bret to focus. She gives him a schedule and he says he loves her.

Holly's Snapple actor is Jim, who jokes that he doesn't do nudity. She loves him, and then gets others to cast as more guys in a lab. While Holly's auditioning everyone, Jim interjects with some jokes. Holly can't fire her actors, so she asks Curtis to do it for her. She wants to keep Lauren, Natalie, and Mike. Curtis says he was ready to fire people, since he just got fired. When he tells them who's in it, their commercial guy, Jim, is like, "I thought I was in this? Are you letting me go?" Okay, he's pretty hilarious. Then he asks Curtis if he's a female wrestler. Ha! He's playing racquetball at the end of this commercial, which Arthur's also in.

Back with Bret's team, he says Summer and Darryl are in charge of casting, but he forces them to send a hot girl over instead of the funny girls. When the hot girl shows up, Bret just tells her she'll have to hang out in makeup and wardrobe. It's a few more hot girls, one after the other. Darryl says the hot girls are a major distraction for him, so they have to try to keep him on course. Summer says she needs to talk to Bret about the print ad, but she can't get him to break away. He flirts with the girls about how hot they are. Holly's team is setting up their commercial set, and Curtis has all sorts of real fruit. Holly's happy to have Curtis to do stuff like that without her even telling him to. Curtis helps out with the still photos, so Holly can focus on the commercial. The print ad concept is to have a kid standing on a map of the world made up of puzzle pieces, with a kid holding a Snapple on the piece that's missing. Holly's overshooting, because she learned from last time she had to make a commercial. Holly's decided to go funny and tag the commercial with the connection to autism.

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