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Nighttime in New York, as the teams head to the boardroom, where Don and Ivanka are waiting. Trump enters, and asks how Clint feels he did with his big advantage. Clint thinks they did well, though it's hard to know what the executives will like. Trump asks which is better, the jingle or the commercial. Clint prefaces his saying they're equal by saying they took more risks with the commercial's humor, and hopes that's what the executives will like. Trump asks how Joan feels about that, and she thinks it all was incredible. She says it was astonishing. Trump asks if Annie felt like she was at a big disadvantage, and she says she had never written a lyric or a piece of music, but since she was the least tone deaf of the two of them, she did it. Annie says they found their heart in the face of going up against Clint. They decided just to attack it. Trump asks about the other half of the task, and Annie says they did the commercial first and she thinks they did it really well, because they understood the brand and what the executives wanted. He asks which was better, and Annie says the jingle. Trump wants to hear it, and Annie wants to sing along. Wow, she's annoying. And even more so when they sing along. The Trumps don't love it, which is awesome. The commercial starts next, and the Trumps don't like that either. It's just boring. Trump says it's pretty good, and Joan says it's absolutely adorable. Clint praises the jingle, saying everyone has music in them.

Jesse says it's not bad, but theirs is better. Joan says the jingle's adorable, but theirs is different, and she doesn't like straight commercials. And she still likes Clint's jingle more. Trump would like to hear it. The Trumps like it, and Annie looks sheepish. Then the "Did you know?!" starts, and it's awesome. Brande and Annie are totally impressed. Trump asks if she thinks theirs is better, and Annie says no. Brande says theirs is very, very good. Annie says it depends on what the executives want, so Trump asks Don to let us know what they said about Athena. They thought they hit the brand messaging, it was catchy and creative. They liked the moms talking, but didn't like that they didn't mention the pouches. Trump doesn't like that. He likes his tune from the can. Ivanka says that the executives loved Clint's performance of the jingle. They liked the focus on "natural," and they loved the comedy in Joan's commercial. The negatives were that they don't think everyone loves country, and they wanted more focus on the convenience of the product. Clint says that's all fair.

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