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Trump asks if everyone's ready, and says that the executives really liked Annie and Brande better. They felt like the country of Clint was very limited. I feel like this has to be rigged, because I think that jingle would appeal to anyone. Annie cries because she felt there was no way they could win against Clint. That also seems fake. Is this show completely scripted? They hug and cry on their way out. I want to vomit. Trump tells KOTU they've all done great, but someone will be fired. After commercial, Annie and Brande are celebrating in the suite. Annie thought they had a chance when she heard it was country. She's very in love with herself now, for winning in a song-writing contest against Clint. She says she's the winningest project manager, she's never been brought into the boardroom, and she's raised 30 percent of the money in a 16-man game, so if she doesn't make the final two, it's because she pissed off Trump without knowing it. Brande's shocked and so happy. She says she's not a dumb blonde.

In the boardroom, Trump says it was quite an upset, and he tells Clint he actually liked it more but it has nothing to do with him. I sort of love him for doing that, because, duh. Stupid executives. Though he calls them "talented." Ivanka says she liked it more, so she was surprised they lost, but they mentioned the brand more. Trump says it was also zippier, and Joan agrees it had a lot of snap. But she also adds that people would sing Clint's, and you couldn't really sing the other one. Annie's pissed in the suite, saying, "People have been singing it all day, Joan!" Trump asks why they lost, and Jesse says that even though they worked together, it wasn't totally collaborative because this was Clint's show, and they couldn't argue with him. Jesse asks if Clint listened to their ideas, and Jesse says a little bit. He tells them about Clint recording a couple of faster versions, but he thinks they ended up with the slow ones. Don asks if they could have fit more into the jingle if they'd sped it up, which of course they could have. Trump asks Joan why her radio spot didn't talk about convenience. She says she wanted it to be funny, but they couldn't make it funny enough because there was no punch line. She tells them the "Cluck, cluck, cluck. Splash" thing and no one laughs.

Ivanka tells Joan that the humor was actually what they liked, but had they gone a step further, it might have been distracting to them. She says they did respond to that positively. Trump asks Joan who to fire, and she once again cannot stand this. Clint tells her to go ahead; it won't hurt his feelings. She says it would have to be the project manager. Trump says that Joan wanted more snap in the jingle and, ultimately, that might be one of the reasons he didn't win. He tells Clint he's a real talent, and he loved his jingle, but he's lost before, so Clint's fired. Clint thanks Trump for everything, and they thank him. He leaves. Brande says that has to be hard and Annie says he just got beat by a poker player who's never sung anything in her life. Joan tells them how funny the commercial could have been as she gets up. In the hall, Jesse and Joan both hug Clint. He interviews that he knew he was going when Athena won. He learned a lot about himself and his people skills, and that life's too short to be around people he doesn't enjoy.

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