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Annie and Brande don't want Joan to come in, and they hope she doesn't. But they do. Brande says she's knows it's hard. Jesse says hi. Annie wants to be happy about final four, but Joan won't even look at her. Jesse tells them they did a good job pulling that out, and Annie's like, "I don't know how I even wrote that jingle." Joan says that any team Annie's on is spelled, "T-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-e-a-m." Hee. Annie asks if Jesse really became friends with Clint, and Jesse says it's easier to be friends than fight with him. Joan leaves the room, and Annie says it became really jovial. Jesse asks them to play checkers to prove that point. Annie calls Joan a "cancer." The phone rings, and they're all called back to the boardroom.

The four of them enter the boardroom, where Trump congratulates them and then says two more people will be fired tonight after being interviewed by Piers Morgan. He's going to recommend the final two to Trump, and Trump will very strongly rely on him. He tells them all to go. They sit in the lobby and stress out. Annie congratulates everyone on their "amazing accomplishment." But, you know, mostly herself. Joan says it was difficult to sit there, knowing only half of them would be picked. They all look nervous. Brande's called in first to see Piers. She thinks there's a lot at stake. Wow, she's so smart.

But we don't get to see the interviews. We see Trump sitting down with Piers asking how things are, intercut with interview flashbacks. In his interview with Brande (who looks like she got to freshen her makeup) he says the allegations are that she's not smart. Brande thinks that's not what was said. Piers asks if she thinks she's bright, and she says she knows she is. He says everyone likes her, but no one liked him and he won. Will being Miss Nice Guy help her win? She says no, that's just who she is. She thinks winning would be a nice bonus. He asks how she'll be "unexpendable." She says she defends herself, and will until the end. With Trump, Piers doesn't think Brande's smart enough, so Trump asks about Joan. Piers thinks she's complicated. To say the least. He thinks she's very smart, and has shown remarkable stamina for her age. When Piers interviews her, he tells her he's fascinated by how she's played this game. He says she's a survivor and has never given up, yet they think she's a quitter because of how Melissa was treated. She says, "Oh, yeah, I'm a real quitter." He asks who she is to be the second arbiter of fairness, and she says she has her principles, which are "family first," and that they're a very small family. Piers asks if Joan's problem with Annie is that she thinks she's better than her, but Joan's not admitting that. She says Annie is very manipulative. He says that's what poker players do, and she says that's all she is. Piers says she's playing Joan like a viola. Joan says she's not, but then goes on and on about Annie. He asks if she regrets calling Annie Hitler, and Joan doesn't miss a beat: "Yes, I do, because she doesn't have a moustache." Piers giggles. He asks what she would do to win a final against Annie, and she says she'd do anything. Piers doesn't dislike Joan, but thinks her venom against Annie is over-the-top. He doesn't think the mother and daughter relationship should come into this game. He thinks it's amazing how far Joan's gotten.

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