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Trump and Piers move on to Annie. Piers says she is what she is: a fast-talking action girl, and probably the smartest girl in this competition by a lot. Piers says of course everyone goes after her, because everyone wants to shoot the fastest gun. What? That is not a metaphor that makes sense. In his interview with her, he tells her she's the one everyone feels they have to beat. She acts coy, and says she's played as well as she can, and is a good player, and will do anything to raise money for charity. She says Joan gets personal, and she never does that. She thinks other people don't understand the game like she does. Piers stops her and says she talks all the time. Piers says you can't faze Annie, so Joan should really stop trying. Trump asks about Jesse, and Piers says everyone assumes he's great, but he hasn't brought a dime in, despite being married to Sandra Bullock. Piers thinks Jesse must have more than he's showing, since Sandra married him. In his interview, Piers tells Jesse he confounds him, and can't figure out what he's about. He asks why he's here, and Jesse says to prove that regular, working-class people can achieve the same thing as someone in a suit. Piers points out that Jesse doesn't really lead a working-class lifestyle, and has a glamorous life. Jesse says he lives a regular life, but happens to have a wife who does what she does. Piers says Jesse must be special, and that there must be something going on inside his head. Jesse says he wants to win, but Piers wonders why he won't call his wife for money. He asks if Jesse's irritated at the assumption that he should ask his wife for money. Jesse says he keeps his life with his wife personal. Piers says this is for charity, and Jesse says he gets that and has been working hard and doing his own jobs, plus other people's. He thinks this is about getting the job done, not just raising money. Piers tells Trump he'd like to see Jesse's passion and aggression. Trump asks which two Piers would choose. Commercials.

More boardroom. Ivanka and Don are still there when the final four walk in, then Trump comes in. He asks Annie what she thinks of Piers. She thinks he's awesome. Trump says he's very opinionated, but it's ultimately Trump's decision. He asks why Annie should be in the final two, and she talks about her wins and her fund-raising and her not going to the boardroom again. I can't bring myself to write about it again, because I'm sick of hearing it. She would most like to compete against Joan in the final two, because she's the weakest in terms of fund-raising. Ivanka says Jesse also hasn't raised money, and Annie says maybe she should have said Jesse, who hasn't been that effective. Don says Joan should be able to raise money, and Annie says it's surprising her friends haven't given, and she feels bad for Joan. Joan tells her not to feel bad for her. Trump says what she said was a knock, and asks if she's always had that edge. Trump says she seemed like an innocent lamb in the beginning, but Joan says "Never." He asks Annie if she can get people to follow her since no one likes her. She says she has a lot of good friends, and people like her, and will donate money. Trump says the final task might not be about fund-raising.

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