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Trump turns to Brande and asks if she can compete with Annie. She thinks she can, and is, in fact, the only one who can. Trump asks Joan if Brande can compete with Annie. Joan says Brande has no idea what she's saying now. She says Brande's very sweet and nice, and is so out of her league that she doesn't know she is. Trump asks if Brande's lucky to have gotten this far, and Joan says she's a nice girl, but if she looked like Joan, she wouldn't be sitting here now. You know, sort of like Melissa. Don raises his eyebrows, all, "Yeah, my dad's a total pig." Trump asks Brande why she deserves to be in the final two. She feels she's worked the hardest in this game, and has raised the most money other than Annie. She's put her heart into everything. Don asks if she could legitimately go one-on-one against any of these other three. She says "Absolutely," because that's what she's best at. Ivanka points out she's used Annie as a crutch in terms of presenting and talking to executives, and could she do it without Annie. Annie says she can, but Trump asks if she's been riding her coattails. Trump asks Annie if she thinks so. Annie says Brande's capable, but that she obviously has been the one who did everything. Joan thinks Brande's definitely been riding Annie's coattails. Trump says he thinks Brande's amazing, but Piers didn't. She says Piers met her for two minutes. He knows, but Piers has instinct. He thought it would be an embarrassment for her to make it to the final two. Trump says he disagrees with him, and thinks she's done everything great, but he doesn't thinks he has what it takes to win, so she's fired. Brande and Annie hug, and Brande wishes everyone good luck. In her post-interview, she was really disappointed and feels she should have been in the finals. She would have killed it.

Trump asks Jesse if he's holding back. He says no, he hasn't been holding back. He's not a salesman, but he doesn't like to talk and tell everyone how great he is. He'd rather just work the hardest and lead by example. Trump says Jesse's been low-key and under the radar. Jesse says Trump's judging just by what he sees in the boardroom. He's not low-key, and he is a leader, and not afraid to get his hands dirty. Trump asks Joan if she agrees, and she does. She says he has a company with 500 employees. I think it's interesting that Trump trusts Joan so much that he asks her opinion on everyone to the point that she's almost like his Don or Ivanka. (Maybe next season!) Trump asks Joan is she has the stamina, and she tells him she's tap-dancing under the table while she talks to him. He says okay, but Piers was questioning that. She says she's done nothing but face challenges in her life, and nothing will stop her. Ivanka agrees with that, and says that she usually has more energy than the whole team. Trump turns to Annie and says she has to admit Joan's amazing and she should want to be like this. Annie agrees she's incredible, and says she has a lot of respect for her. She hopes she has as much energy as that. Ivanka asks what Joan's strategy would be in the final two if it comes to fund-raising. Joan says she'll make everything happen in her power, and will be on the phone fund-raising like hell.

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