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Something to Believe In

After commercials, Trump's yelling at the camera some more. He says that to be the Celebrity Apprentice, you have to be smart, driven and have great hair. He says Holly, Bret and he all share those attributes. Back to the past. Holly's team, with less than two hours remaining. She says she's happy to have her teammates here to help her, because she still has the PowerPoint to finish up. But then Curtis reminds Holly he has to go marry one of his best mates tonight. Holly lets him go, but she really wishes he'd followed through and hung in with her. She whines that it's not impossible, but it requires her to be superhuman. "In the end, it's really just me alone." How profound. With one hour and 16 minutes remaining (yeah, right), Bret calls Summer to see if he left his script there. Summer can't find it either, so Bret thinks he's totally screwed in the edit bay. She and Darryl look, but they basically can't figure out Bret's writing, which Summer says is worse than any doctor she's ever seen. Bret tells his editor that everything got "discombuberated." Again. Bret and his editor decide to go forward and make it happen, script or no script. He's going to find a way to make it work. Bret says it's his life story: "Live without a script." He jokes with the editor that Snapple might just fire him from this chair.

Darryl and Summer show up, and Bret tells them to take it in stride, because it's a work in progress. But he's decided that, without a script, he can't make two commercials, so he's going to do just the funny one. Summer watches it, looking confused, and tells us she doesn't get it at all. Then she tells Bret there's a launch event the next day. Uh, duh. There always is in the finale. Summer doesn't think Bret's even a little bit concerned about the launch event, because he's so focused on the commercial.

Back in the "live" "boardroom" with Trump, he welcomes back Carol, Sinbad, Rod, Michael, Selita and Cyndi. Cyndi gets a GIANT amount of applause. She's wearing a tight leather thing with big, blond hair, and she's looking awesome. Trump once again tells Rod how brave he is, and he again thanks Trump and repeats he's innocent (the whole audience laughs), but Rod keeps going. Then Trump asks the celebrities who thinks Rod's guilty and no one raises their hand, until finally Michael does. Trump asks Cyndi if she'd go through that stress again. She says she's grateful he let her come on the show and raise awareness and $45,000 for the gay community. Trump says she does a great job and asks what she's performing. She says it's I'm Just Your Fool, a song from her new album that's coming out on June 22, her birthday. He asks Michael if he could have made it to the end if he'd stayed. Michael says he thought so at the time, but watching Bret and Holly, he isn't sure, because it obviously got much more difficult as it went on. Michael says Bret's a warrior, and he knew that coming in. He says Holly is, too, but he didn't get to spend as much time with her.

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