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Something to Believe In

Back in the past, Holly's in the place where they're going to do their presentation. They walk by Bret's label, and don't think it's good because he incorporated himself into the label. They also can't read something about it. Basically, they hate it. Shocker! Bret shows up at his own presentation room, and thinks he should serve from behind the bar. He is surprised he's in such a humongous arena, but he tells himself he can do it. He does a run-through for Darryl and Summer, who give him lots of pointers. Until his daughter, Raine, comes running in shrieking and gives him a giant hug. Summer wipes away tears as Bret calls his daughter "Boo." Summer says the look on Bret's face when he saw his daughter was like he was in a dream. Bret introduces her to Darryl and Summer, who says Raine being borderline diabetic makes her want to win this even more for him. Bret asks if they knew she was coming, and Summer's like, "Are you kidding? I wouldn't be crying like this." Bret says he's going to fight even harder now, because he really wants to win. He hugs her goodbye and tells her how much he loves her.

Trump brings back the four celebrities who came back to help the finalists: Summer, Darryl, Maria and Curtis. Trump asks Summer if she's happy about what being on the show did for her charity. She says it was great, and Lifelock and Norton donated more. Trump apologizes to Maria and then replays her telling Curtis he's arrogant for pooping, ending with Trump saying, "It's, like, disgusting." After watching it, she and Curtis both crack up. Trump asks her what she was thinking, and she says she was disappointed in herself. She thanks him for letting her be on the show and says it was a lapse in judgment. Trump is glad she said that, and Curtis nods, but you can tell he's thinking, "Thanks for showing the conversation about me pooping on national television two weeks in a row. Once was not enough." Trump asks Curtis if he can believe what a big star he's become, and Curtis asks if he wants 10 percent. Trump actually would like 25. Curtis also thanks Trump for letting him come onto the show to talk about Feeding America. Trump tells Darryl the Mets could use him, and asks if he liked the show. Darryl says the show made him decide he could be an entrepreneur, so he's opening a restaurant in Queens. Trump tells Darryl he's a special guy. Then sends us back to the task in the past.

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