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Something to Believe In

Holly's launch event. She says everything's at stake, because she's made a lot of money, but there's even more to be made. Bret readies for his launch event, too. He says he started out on the show as a sleeper (literally, since he slept in every day), who no one thought would make it, but now he's determined to win. Trump, Ivanka, and Don show up at the launch event, and Trump greets all his "friends." Holly's presentation is first. She says she knows how to impress executives, but she was still very nervous. She starts in, pretty basic and boring, all about her CompassionBerry tea and autism. She seems to be reading from her notes the whole time. She interviews about how it would be a home run for autism to be branded with Snapple, and she's way more passionate than in her boring, boring speech. She does bring up her son, which is good. Then she shows the commercial, which everyone seems to like. And it is quite good, actually. Holly wraps it up with a little less dullness than she started out with. We didn't get to see the three-page ad.

Back in the "live" "boardroom," we re-watch the crazy Make-A-Wish kid who wants to meet Donald Trump. Then we're in the finale, where Trump says J.P. is better-looking than him. J.P. shows Trump how he can say, "You're fired." Then he sends us back to Bret, who tells Summer and Darryl he's ready. They're all wearing Bret-style cowboy hats, by the way, but his is black and theirs are white. Bret says he couldn't even fake like his heart wasn't pounding. Bret starts out by thanking Trump, Don and Ivanka. He tries to make jokes, which keep falling flat. Summer says she's nervous for him, too. He makes a couple jokes about his nervousness, but then he says he looked down at Raine and decided to speak from the heart. He starts making up words like "Snapitude" and "Snapilosophy," and the executives and everyone else laughs. They also seem to love his commercial, and actually give him a giant round of applause when it's over. Summer says he nailed it, and it blew her away. Trump gets up and congratulates both teams. Holly felt like the room was super-warm until Trump took a poll in the room and everyone loved Bret. Holly says she heard, "like, crickets."

Holly says how difficult this has been, and we flash back to the whole season of her playing the game. She says she's just happy and proud she made it this far. Bret says he learned a lot about himself and how to get things done. We flash back to him as he talks about what he's fighting for. He says he doesn't just want to win this, he needs to. Everyone cheers for both of them (but it's mostly for Bret, of course). Trump meets with the executives, who think Bret is Snapple with attitude, but Trump says he would put Holly on his board. The executives say that you can't compare diet to regular Snapple, but that diet is a growing segment of the population. One executive seems to like Bret better, and the other guy seems to like Holly. The executives tell Trump that, overall, he has a very tough job, because they both did very well. Right. Bret winning is obviously the way this story has to end.

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