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When we're back, Trump repeats his question, and she says she'd choose Bret in this situation because she worked hard for him. Trump asks if Bret was actually a good project manager, and she says she doesn't think it comes down to that in the final. She won't say he was good, and finally says he was decent. Bret says he knows that Summer's heart is with Holly, and her mind and work are with this task. Trump asks what Darryl thinks of Summer's tepid endorsement of Bret. He says he understands her relationship with Holly is real, but he says that Bret was a great project manager. Trump says he expected Summer to say that and, if he were Bret, he would like Darryl. Darryl sticks up for Summer, saying it was her first time with Bret. Trump tells both Summer and Darryl they did a good job, and then brings Curtis and Maria into it, too. He lays it on thick and then tells them to leave, because he's going to be firing someone. Bret holds Summer's chair, and Trump says he wouldn't do that. Trump adds, "Summer, you were great. For Holly!" Hey, when did he get so intentionally funny. Trump does his serious forward stare and "This is tough."

Then, live, Trump says people are wondering if Bret will be here tonight and he will be. The audience goes nuts. Trump says deciding who will win is tough, so it never hurts to get help. He brings back Bill and Joan to give him some tips. They sit across the table from Trump and the Trumpsters, and I sort of wish Joan and Bill would go head to head and one of them would be fired. Joan tells Trump how much more money she makes now, thanks to being on the show. Trump asks her who she would pick, and she says it's tough. Holly's a mother, fighting for her child. But Bret, "you talk about no sick days." She says the determination to come back from death's door is extraordinary. Trump says that, in Bret's situation, 50 percent of the people don't even make it to the hospital. Joan says that, business-wise, it should be Holly, but, screw that, it's Bret. Bill says that he likes both of these two, which is why he chose them last week. He says that the popular opinion isn't always the right one. Joan says Bill's wrong and they do start arguing. Oh my goodness, I'm getting my wish. And Joan points out what I wanted someone to say, which is that Bret's also fighting for his child. Trump asks Rod who he chooses, and Rod says that Trump can't fire Bret because sometimes you have to go with your heart. Rod is such a robot that it's hard to believe he even has a heart.

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