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Back in the "boardroom," Trump tells Holly and Bret they both deserve to win and both of their charities deserve to win, so he's spoken to Snapple, who has agreed to match the $250,000, so each charity will get $250,000. Bret's making the audience stand up, and Holly's in tears again. Trump tells her to stop crying, but he still has to choose a winner. Uh, why? They both just got the prize, didn't they? Sort of anti-climactic and feel-good for Trump, isn't it? Trump tells Bret that he's been popular and everyone's loved him, and he's also proven to be very brave, which he appreciates and so does everyone. He tells Holly she's won more money than anyone on either show. He tells her "we all love you," but he hires Bret, who gets super-excited, but hopefully not so excited as to hurt his brain. This is stressful. He and Holly hug, and then all of the other "celebrities" come in to hug them. Trump says he'll be back in the fall with the regular Apprentice. That'll be a nice break from "celebrities," won't it? See you there.

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DeAnn, a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon, doesn't think it's really fair that the winner and loser got the same prize. You can contact her at

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