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This week's theme: Vision versus execution. Trump argues it doesn't matter how much vision you have if you can't pull it off. With that, he throws it to the teams to see who can back up their big ideas. While Tenacity brainstorms, Maria VOs that she's aware her teammates may be a bit apprehensive about her skills as a leader. Then she suggests they set their Moment in a wrestling ring, essentially validating those apprehensions. The others quickly hijack her idea and turn it into a red carpet experience, which is both more of a universal experience/fantasy and more directly related to photography. Over at RockSolid, the guys are a lot more subdued as Sinbad stutters for about five minutes about how customers at their store should "see some stuff happening." Michael Johnson is not impressed with Sinbad's communication skills. More babbling about Darryl eating ice cream (I wonder what flavor?!). The editors cut to a VO of Blagojevich politispeaking, only to be interrupted by a fan, then come back and ask, "You guys get that?" and fix his hair. They hate him already! Love it.

Michael suggested the guys get down to nuts and bolts, setting a schedule and task list. Even Bret realizes that Sinbad is "all over the place." Not good. Goldberg suggests they each draw from their own worlds to make a variety of individualized experiences that customers can choose from. Later in his interview, Sinbad straight-up claims it was his idea. The Kodak execs join the meeting to get the guys up to speed on the products and the message. Sinbad summarizes that they have to convey both how you capture a Moment and how you can share it with others.

The execs then schlep over to Tenacity, at which point Cyndi decides she must pee right that minute. Lazily and quite rudely, the teammates interrupt the execs to wait on Cyndi because they don't want to have to waste their time answering her questions later. Yeah, because your time is worth more than these people who own a multi-billion dollar enterprise. Mmmhmmm... They chit-chat for about 15 seconds before Hayzlett calls bullshit and tell them they can catch Cyndi up. Luckily, she walks in at that very moment and takes over the meeting, asking tedious questions about how to run a digital camera. Literally, she asks, "How do you erase on this thing?" Ha! Hayzlett gets things back on track, filling them in on the brand's philosophy of being a "digital shoebox." The power of the Moment lies in the stories that those Moments inspired and how they are shared.

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