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Meanwhile, Ivanka checks in with RockSolid. Sinbad actually explains the idea somewhat lucidly: Customers can have their picture taken at a booth with a specific celebrity (for example, Michael in a sprint position or Goldberg in the wrestling ring), and that will be their Moment. Ivanka wonders if the Kodak execs will find their run-of-the-mill concept too oriented to these specific celebrities' personalities and, therefore, not universal enough. Somewhere along the way, Sinbad (jokingly?) says Bret's not doing anything for the team. Bret laughs it off that he's a grunt, witness footage of him sweeping the floor. Ivanka doesn't think that Sinbad is utilizing Bret well.

Later, Bret asks Michael what he should be doing. Michael wonders why he isn't asking PM Sinbad but noting that Bret is growing frustrated with Sinbad's slapdash style. To his credit, Bret actually asks Sinbad to his face what he should do. When Sinbad once again natters on about "jumping in" and getting things done, Bret voices his frustration that he can't get a straight answer out of them like he could the task before with Curtis. Unfortunately, he seems to have taken it a little personally, and spends the next hour or two moping and feeling left out. Sinbad thinks Bret is too sensitive and compares him to a girl who'll never believe you when you tell her she's pretty. He wraps up with, "It's like, 'Girl, please!'" Sinbad, meet Angelea; Angelea, Sinbad. Eventually, he breaks up a productive meeting between the others by outright telling Sinbad to give him something to do so he doesn't look like an asshole on camera. He is reaching his breaking point, so they send him off with Goldberg, then make fun of him behind his back.

After things cool down a bit, everyone gets down to business. They decide to take pictures of themselves out in the streets to represent that even celebrities can capture Kodak Moments. Stars, they're just like us! (Except Cyndi, who probably doesn't know which button to push.) Snap: Sinbad with some lady who found Brandy's clown weave in Tyra Banks' trash! Snap: Curtis dancing like Gene Kelly! Snap: Darryl Strawberry deep-throating a street hot dog! Snap: Goldberg body slamming Bret! Well, I wish. He just picked him up, but apparently it hurt Bret's balls. Hopefully it slows down his little swimmers for at least a couple of days. That man already has two kids, no more are necessary. The guys take a whole lot more wacky shots before heading back. Bret VOs that running around town taking stupid pictures probably wasn't the best use of their time, but he had fun. Curtis reiterates that they had a good time, but a lot of gray area remains concerning how they'll actually run the task tomorrow. What is this? American Idol? The point is not fun, guys. The point is to win. And Tenacity's no better. Methinks this week is going to be a real nail biter.

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