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Speaking of Tenacity, we rejoin Cyndi and Summer as they carry the red carpets and velvet ropes into the event space -- but not without plenty of "I'm walkin' he-ah!" theatrics from native New Yorker Cyndi. She unrolls the carpet inside so the girls can take a group picture to demonstrate how they're all champions. Selita joins Summer and Cyndi on their next van ride, as Cyndi natters on like your great-grandma Ethel. Selita watches forlornly as the storefront becomes but a dot in the horizon behind her, then later VOs that Cyndi is "a very special lady." Heh. Oh, but wait! They haven't gotten that far because Selita literally bolts from the car. When the teammates see her return with a panicked expression on her face and a blush in her cheeks, they guess right away that she made up an excuse to escape Cyndi's yammering. A bit later, Sharon finally excuses herself from the task after bouts of hacking up a lung and falling asleep at her desk. She promises to return in the morning. Maria worries they won't be able to pull it off if they're down two people.

RockSolid. En route from picking up props, Michael, Curtis, and Goldberg discuss their lack of team confidence that stems from Sinbad's loosey goosey management. They resolve to nudge Sinbad in the right direction when they return. And so they do, but Sinbad seems to think that if he has things all planned out in his head, then everyone else should automatically get them, too. What's more, he seems to have a fundamental difference of opinion from the others in what constitutes a game plan. They like details. He likes riffs.

Tenacity. Maria meets with a Make-A-Wish rep and a friggin' adorable little girl who is literally swallowed by the championship belt. But damn can that girl work a pose when the camera comes out. She pops her knee like a pro. I <3 Gabriella. Another boy, a 12-year-old named Alexander, hits close to home for Holly since she's the same age as her son. Selita, God bless her, asks Alexander what he wants to be when he grows up. Do you understand what the foundation does, Selita? It's a bit like asking an anorexic, "What's your favorite food?"

That night, Sinbad finally gives the RockSolid guys some specific tasks for the next day, but doling out some specifics only reminds them that they have about a million unanswered questions. Seriously, they don't even know what cameras they're using and how they're going to print out the pictures. They throw questions out there willy nilly and don't answer them, then are all, "Great work, guys! Let's do this! Break!" Michael admits that he's crossing his fingers the girls will fail. Sorry to say it, Mike, but unless the ladies completely screw up the message or incorporate a masturbation metaphor into their Kodak Moments, then I think RockSolid's heading home for the night is tantamount to pulling the pin out of a grenade.

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