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Tenacity opens up shop, too. Cyndi is the first port of call, taking red carpet pictures with customers. After that, the customers can take pictures wearing a championship belt in the wrestling ring. Then Summer tells them about the technology behind this miraculous thing called a Moment. Next, Sharon will serve them coughcakes... um, I mean cupcakes. Was it really a good idea to put the one person who is physically ill at the food station? Finally, the customers will get print-outs of their pictures. WWE star Mark Henry shows up to make some homophobic jokes, and plenty of people -- Holly included -- shoot sideways glances at Ol' TB Osbourne, food handler extraordinaire. Even Sharon herself laughs that she probably made some people sick that day.

Meanwhile at the carnival that is RockSolid's Kodak Moment-on-Crack, Sinbad acts as barker and Blago takes pictures (when not paying randoms to pose with him in pictures). In the end, the guys decided to save time by foregoing printing pictures entirely and talking up the web experience. Cut to shot of poor Kodak representatives standing idly by the unused printers. Sinbad seems blissfully unaware that asking customers to make any sort of effort to get free stuff is a plan that will most certainly backfire. He notes that they are expecting Secret Shoppers and plan to treat everyone well in order to address this uncontrollable element. And in walk the SS, who report that the store was poorly organized and, since RockSolid didn't print out their pictures or explain how to get them, they left empty-handed. Michael and Goldberg are shown referring people to the website, but I guess it's every man for himself.

At Tenacity's storefront, Holly is demonstrating how quick and easy (Sinbad!) it is to print the pictures for customers. But alas! The power goes out. Maria keeps the crowd's energy high until the power comes back up a minute later. Holly says goodbye to some customers, telling them to get a cupcake on the way out as Sharon is loudly hacking up a lung all over them. The power goes out again, and it sends things into chaos because the printer is spitting out pictures faster than the celebs can hand them out. The masses get out their torches at the thought of having to sort through all these pictures themselves. God forbid! Maria worries that the SS will arrive in the midst of this chaos, and it'll adversely affect them. And so it does. Cue another power outage. Commercials.

When we return, the power is back on, and Cyndi is singing "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" to keep the natives from getting restless. The crowd loves it. In fact, says one of them, "I'm having a Moment!" The execs arrive and immediately compliment the prominence of the Kodak signage. As Maria shows them around, the power drops again, and the bedlam just below the surface becomes apparent. Hayzlett says he doesn't know if everyone had a great experience on account of the line-up for picture print-outs, but he does praise how well the team showcased the product.

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