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Trump asks Don and Ivanka to show each team pictures from the other team's event. Maria quickly points out RockSolid's failure to place the product effectively. Don confirms that the execs noticed this shortcoming. Ivanka balances that criticism out by mentioning that the execs felt Tenacity's experience was less personalized. She says they did a better job integrating New York into the task.

Finally, the verdict: Tenacity wins, guaranteeing $20,000 for Make-A-Wish. The women go upstairs, where there are some more cupcakes for Sharon to contaminate as her teammates celebrate and watch the men battle it out.

Back in the boardroom, Blago says the men may have suffered from hubris (a concept he knows well) after winning the first task so handily. Michael says he can't point fingers until he knows why they lost. The women take offense that he doesn't admit they were better. Don and Trump both remind him that the pictures representing the Moments weren't easily accessible and that there was very little organization, both spatially and product-wise. Sinbad says, in hindsight, he would have spent more time considering how to present the product rather than creating the experiences. Ivanka tells him he failed to communicate something inside his head to the customers.

Trump asks Sinbad who was the weak link. Sinbad says Bret "lost a little bit of focus." Bret rolls his eyes, which Trump notices, so Bret explains that Sinbad wouldn't delegate. Sinbad launches into a rambling self-defense, which Trump cuts off at the phrase "bad cat." Apparently this means "good guy" in layman's terms. Trump asks for Michael's input. Michael admits that Sinbad wasn't the strongest leader but that he was proactive and was able to chip in just fine. Trump zeroes in on Michael's assertion that he wasn't being led. Michael says Sinbad was "loose." Ivanka asks Michael whether Bret or Sinbad was a better leader. Michael says Bret was a better leader but not a very good follower.

Trump turns to Curtis, who says Sinbad was an average leader because he didn't give clear direction. Michael agrees. Blago begins a long-winded oration about Sinbad's strengths and weaknesses, which is interrupted by Sharon wondering out loud if Blago's eyes are too close together. She says he looks like "a bit half-baked" and needs to be put back in the oven. Man, I hope this guy sticks around, just to see how the editors make him look bad week after week. Kick ass. We return to some more Blago rambling. Trump eventually curtails it by telling Blago to stop being so political and just say what he really thinks. Blago fudges that Sinbad could have been stronger in delegation.

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