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Ice Cream, You Scream

The women get a later start than the guys, and things immediately turn dramatic, because Liza's telling people they can pay $3, even though the price is $5. Stephanie bosses Poppy around and doesn't care if the women hate her, but wants everyone to stick with $5. Even when potential customers tell them they should be ashamed for selling ice cream sandwiches for $5. Liza thinks they need wigs, matching tops, or something, because they're not looking like a marketable brand. So, she and Poppy head to a store and get pink tank-tops and headbands. Then they find a new location where things are going better. Stephanie tells us how stupid it is for five girls to sell one Popsicle to one person, so she sells a case of them to a guy.

Back at Octane, James and Alex just mosey around a store looking for costumes. They're in no hurry, because James is loving being away from the group who are just yelling at people. They get the barbershop-quartet vests and hats back to the team and they all get to selling. Alex does nothing wrong, but David interviews about how Alex is just a follower and a puppy dog. Then he says, "You can't put a puppy dog in front of people in New York City and have it sell ice cream. It just doesn't work." That's weird, because I think people in any city would rather buy from a puppy dog than from these guys. Because puppy dogs are adorable. James, who's not a salesman, just gives people long spiels about the heat and ice cream, but doesn't sell any. They all notice the girls are in the spot they gave up originally, and seem to be selling like crazy. James worries, because moving was his idea, so if they lose now, it's not looking good for him. This is pretty boring. Maybe someone will blow a gasket soon and I'll have some real drama to recap.

Eventually, the women's luck turns, though, and they complain about how the afternoon sales are not going great. Which is, of course, when Don shows up ON THE SUBWAY. Why on Earth would a Trump take the subway? Anyway, he notices their biggest flaw is they're twenty yards from the biggest subway stop in New York City and aren't working the entrance or exit. He stands back and watches as Stephanie bitches to her teammates. As Don's observing Team Fortitude, Octane drives from Union Square to Father Demo Square (another James suggestion). Anand says he was concerned about Demo Park, which wasn't as high-traffic as Union Square, but soon he realized people here were interested in ice cream. David has let Steuart and Anand loose on the women of Demo Park, apparently because he thinks being hot is a sales strategy (then again, so does every advertising agent in the world).

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