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Ice Cream, You Scream

Back at Fortitude, it's the end of Day 1, and Stephanie's telling everyone how tomorrow there will be no kissing babies, petting puppies, or listening to customers' jokes. Just tell them you don't have time and send them along. (This is the person Poppy put on sales?) She realizes she sounds like a Nazi, but she doesn't want to lose. Everyone else would sort of like Poppy to step up and tell Stephanie to shut it, but she won't even though she seems to hate Stephanie.

On Day 2, the guys are back at Union Square -- in the spot they gave up to the ladies the previous day -- when the women show up and find them there. Stephanie's pissed, so they decide to "push them out" by setting up right next to them. The guys thinks the women will just lure people in and then they can take their sales from them. Stephanie, who wouldn't know irony if it told her a joke or kissed her baby, says she'd never buy anything from sales people as "aggressive and arrogant" as the guys. It gets very heated between the guys and girls, particularly between Kelly and Steuart. Finally, Poppy decides to leave the guys' area for the last hour of the day. They head to the other side of the park, and start selling great. Poppy's already deciding who her weak sellers are (Liza is the one she mentions) in case she loses.

George shows up at Octane and notices how aggressive the guys are at selling. Which he sees as a good thing, because this is New York City. Fortitude takes their remaining stock at the end of the day to give it away free right in front of Octane's truck, just to take away sales. I get that the strategy here is to keep them from selling, but do they realize they are also keeping themselves from selling by giving it away? They seem pretty proud of the decision to do this, so I'm guessing they're not smart enough to know what they've done. Tyana, in fact, says it was "an amazing last-minute strategy" to ruin Octane's last ten minutes. Knowing Trump like I do, though (and I don't know him at all), I have to think he'll be more impressed with people trying to bring in profit right up to the last minute than with people giving product away free.

Boardroom time. Poppy tells Trump she thinks they did well and probably won. Trump asks if they had an advantage because they're all beautiful women. Brandy doesn't think they had an advantage and says the guys were using the same tactic, by selling to young women. Trump acknowledges that, yeah, the guys are probably good-looking, but that's never been his thing. I really believe he doesn't think other opinions matter. He asks Poppy her weakest player, and after the usual "I don't want to" "You have to pick a name" back and forth, she chooses Liza as the weakest player, saying she should be fired if they lose. He says he's basing it on her sales, since this was a sales task. Liza starts defending herself in full-on, fast-talking crazy mode. He asks Brandy what she thinks, and Trump says, "Liza, you're fired." She starts to cry, and then he says he was only kidding. Everyone laughs, but he says he's just in somewhat of a crazy mood. And it's not like this is a TV show or anything, so Trump can just do what his moods say. Liza tells her team it's not fair what they're doing, and Trump agrees. But, you know, he's crazy. Trump asks Liza if Poppy was a good project manager, and she said Stephanie ran the whole task, not Poppy. Poppy says it's getting personal. Which is hilarious, since she was the one singled out first. Mahsa says she'd never fire Poppy, who totally impressed her. Mahsa thinks they won, but she says she knows it, and Trump lectures her about it: "You don't know anything. Say you think you won, because you can't know anything." If it means being mean to Mahsa, I love Trump's crazy moods.

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