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Ice Cream, You Scream

Trump moves on to David, who is also confident his team won. He quickly answers Trump's question about his weakest player, saying Alex and James. He says Alex is a puppy dog, who takes too much management. Trump asks Alex about that, and Alex says it's tough to hear because he was in retail sales before. But he doesn't think he's weak, because "I kicked some butt on this task." David then explains his choice of James. He says he's smart, but he overthinks everything, and James admits he's never sold anything. Trump tells him that everyone needs to be able to sell themselves so you have to be a salesman. Trump asks Gene who he'd fire if the team loses, and Gene says James. Wade (who?) agrees. James keeps nodding his head, so Donald and his henchmen ask him if he's in agreement and why he doesn't fight. James is ready to fight: He chose Father Demo Square, and he chose to get matching costumes. David says James did it in his slow motion speed, but Trump doesn't see him as slow motion. David says, "Mr. Trump, he puts me to sleep, which isn't easy to do." James then calls David "erratic," "emotionally charged," and "prone to breakdowns."

Trump finally shuts them up and tells them one team made $1,500 and the other made $1,800. The women won, so Poppy will get to meet Jack Welch as her prize. He sends them back to their suite to watch the guys duke it out on the screen. Trump asks Liza if she feels okay, and she says she's okay now, but was kind of worried back when he fired her. They leave and the men stay so one of them can be fired. It must be a quick and easy one since there's only ten minutes left in the episode.

David tells Trump he's disappointed and surprised. Trump points out they had one more person than the women and the women still did much better. Back in the suite, Poppy says everyone did a great job, and tries to make amends with Liza, who cuts her off: "Don't even frickin' look at me bitch, okay?" Ha. People ask Liza to "come on," but she tells them this isn't a celebration after what they just tried to do to her. Brandy tells Liza to keep going down that road and isolating herself. Tyana asks if they can listen to the guys for now and "fight right after." So they tune back in.

David sticks to his guns: that James and Alex are the guys he had to baby-sit the whole time. Trump says it seems pretty obvious he'll bring them back to the boardroom, to which David replies that he has no choice: "My other teammates rocked out loud." He really did just say that. Trump pauses, and my heart skips a beat while I think he might just fire David right then for being such a tool. But, instead, he sends the rest of the guys out.

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