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Thin Ice

Over at Kotu, Scott gives a crappy pep talk which boils down to "No chaos!" They bandy about the idea of using one of themselves as the superhero for a bit, but that notion is quickly pooh-poohed. Dennis really starts thinking out of the box, so to speak, when he suggests a transvestite superhero. Cue head scratching and eye popping. Scott rightly points out that Zappos is a family brand and might not be that into trannies. Dennis and Tom riff on that for what seems like an eternity. Given the number of uncomfortable faces in the board room, why is no one putting an end to this?

Back at Athena, Annie is futzing around at an easel writing things like "Wow!" on an oversized notepad. Khloe finally settled into her PM role and begins to redirect the group, though she doesn't go so far as to rip the magic marker out of Annie's hand. Damn. Claudia gives Khloe credit for taking the bull by the horn. The ladies come to a consensus that their superhero should be a lady. They're interrupted when the artists come to design the comic book story board.

Another set of designers visit the men simultaneously, despite the men's utter lack of ideas. Clint proceeds to cut off Jesse (and everyone else) about a million times, though he has no patience for anyone interrupting him. Eventually, Clint's lingus interruptus descends into a verbal slap fight when Dennis is the only man with the brass to stand up to this rudeness. Because it is Dennis, though, he goes about it in the entirely wrong way, and the artists end up having to wait, pencil in hand, while these two a-holes duke it out. Tom notes that Scott stood there silently when he should have been diffusing the argument.

Athena finally makes some progress when Claudia perpetuates archaic gender stereotypes by coming up with the idea that their superhero-to-be should be a disgruntled housewife. Joan chips in that her superhero name should be "Mizz Z." Claudia is proud of her idea. Don Jr. checks up on the ladies. Melissa updates him on their progress, and he asks who came up with the concept and slogan. Melissa takes the credit, even though it was clearly none of her doing. Claudia is pissed, but she doesn't want to make her team look bad in front of Don Jr., so she sits quietly. Later, the focus group joins the ladies. Claudia pitches her idea to the group to the guys, whom Khloe characterizes "typical comic book readers," a.k.a. massive geeks. They prove that her judgment is spot-on. Overall, they spend most of the time ogling Brande and Claudia rather than giving constructive suggestions outside of "bigger belt buckle!"

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