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Thin Ice

Somewhere else in Manhattan, Joan and the ladies visit the costume shop. Natalie admits she thinks the pleather Striperella costume is a little extreme. Do they make argyle pleather? That might be more up her alley. The guys march their parade of disorganization down to Brooklyn to make their costume. While Dennis puts together an ensemble for Saturday night, Jesse capitalizes on his design skills to design the outfit with Brian. Scott calls them to explain the ridiculous name he has chosen in a moment of panic. Needless to say, they're all, "Huh?"

Night falls, and the women are still in the war room. Claudia has mysteriously fallen ill. Suddenly, I know why homegirl's so thin, because she looks like she is going through some serious withdrawal. She asks if she can leave early, despite the fact she's delivering the presentation tomorrow. Annie shits all over that decision. What else is new?

Over at Kotu, Tom nances around annoying everyone and/or being ignored and/or making hilarious reaction faces. He questions calling the character EEE yet again. Scott looks at him, like, "Are you really going there? Now? Again?" Scott dons his martyr hat, claiming that Tom is his Achilles' heel and that he's had to suffer in silence. Or you could be the PM and tell him to shut up and sit down. Since he's obviously adding nothing of value to this room, Tom heads to another room for the explicit purpose of performing a dramatic monologue replete with arm waving and observations that EEE is a bra size, not a name. Good point, actually. [You know your team is screwed when Tom Green is the one making the most sense. - Angel]

The next morning, Kotu prepares for the presentation. Tom continues his foolery, including but not limited to slicking his hair back in the most unfortunate way. Scott continues singing his one-note tune about derailment. Oh, add in a back flip, already. To be fair, though, Tom actually interrupts one of Scott's interviews in progress! He's such an irrepressible button pusher, I think I might fall prey to it, too. But from the outside, awesome. Everyone heads back inside, and they discuss who should actually present the superhero character to Tony from Zappos. Scott proposes Clint, which ruffles some feathers. TH Jesse even pulls out the air quotes to make it crystal clear that "Clint Black = Douche Bag."

Elsewhere, the girls are racing against the clock to finish their presentation prep. Brande even takes her shoes off so she can run faster. Normally, it would be fine... except she's on New York City streets. I think I just caught a few diseases from watching this fuckery. Granted, Brande is a Playboy bunny, so she probably knows a thing or two about disease treatment.

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