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Next, Trump asks Erin and Don to show each team the opposing team's work for a critique. They both note the similarities in storyline, but the women quickly point out that "EEE" was an inexplicable name choice. Scott claims they were being "off-the-wall." Trump shoots that explanation down. Tom takes this opportunity to publicly state that he objected to "EEE." Trump asks Claudia if she thinks their team won. She says yes, despite her stumbles. She blames the drugs for her eff ups. (I knew it!) For the most part, though, the women have her back. It should be noted that Annie, the woman who is always talking, stays silent.

And now the moment of truth. Trump announces that the women won. Khloe takes 20 grand for her charity, The Brent Shapiro Foundation. Trump dismisses the ladies, leaving the men in the boardroom to fight to the death (I wish!). [That would make the second hour of this show worth it. - AC] Commercials.

When we return, the ladies celebrate with champagne. Khloe explains that her charity raises money to raise awareness about addictions. The women plan to go three in a row or more, and Melissa clicks on the monitor to see what's happening downstairs. Trump lets Scott say his piece first, though he does interrupt to point out that Scott had a hard time controlling his team. Scott points the finger at Tom. Tom claims he was trying to offer options. Scott claims Tom sold himself more than the product during the focus group. He accuses Tom of playing a game rather than working with the team. Trump asks if anyone objected to the name EEE. Tom proudly steps up to say he was. Scott says he felt like Tom was fighting him every step of the way. Tom claims he wanted to win and knew that EEE didn't make any sense. Upstairs, Natalie chimes in that using EEE to signify Zappos is like Trump using an MMM to signify his brand. Nice. That almost makes up for the backstabbing bitchery in front of cagey Tony.

Back downstairs, Trump asks Herschel who he would fire. Herschel points to Tom. Tom presumes Herschel misunderstood what Tom was bringing to the group. Herschel does not take kindly to that remark. Trump notes that Herschel is a fighter since he clawed his way out of the board room last week. Then again, when the other guys in there are Dennis Rodman and Andrew "I Don't Believe in Baking" Dice Clay, it's not that much of a fight... Trump gets Tom to admit he wouldn't fight Herschel. Thanks for that pointless bit of obviously, Donny T. Trump asks Brian who he would fire. Brian says semi-hatefully "Whoever came up with that name." He claims he doesn't know who that was, which is a total lie. He also snickers a little when he points out that costume he had a hand in creating features a Z, not an EEE. Oh, that Brian McKnight is a snake in the grass, he is. Just you wait...

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