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Octane gets to their dog spa, and James takes a moment to apologize to his team. He says he wasn't showing initiative or respect. But Anand tells us that begging for forgiveness after being an asshole isn't going to help him now. They quiz the dog hotel owner, which is totally awkward because David wants to ask questions James doesn't like, and then he mutters when James stops him and asks his own. James tells David he'll bench him if he mutters under his breath again. David tells him to go ahead and bench him, and he'll lose the task. Wow. How on earth did they find enough petty people to fill both of these teams? James and David and James take a moment to leave the room and fight, while the rest of the team -- and the dog hotel owner -- sits and waits. And listens. I can't tell if this is David just being crazy, or trying to sabotage James. Either way, it's working.

Fortitude arrives at their dog spa and meets with the owner. They all quiz him, and when they find out Tuesday's the slowest day, they decide that should be a promotion: "Tail Wag Tuesdays." It includes a goodie bag, a report card on what the dog did, etc. I should say that Stephanie decides that, and the members of her clique agree. Tyana puts Mahsa on walking big dogs. Mahsa's pissed, and knows this will sabotage everything. She says it's time for Tyana to go home. In other words: There is now officially a person on each team trying to sabotage their project manager.

Speaking of, James is putting his saboteur on the webcam. He says he wanted it to be an easy part of the project, but it's his "value add," which is a third of their score, so ... not exactly a good idea. James starts assigning people tasks and when their hotel owner, Naresh, tries to get James to start having folks trained, James asks him to wait two minutes. Naresh walks out muttering; Clint says he said "Isn't this the dollar waiting on the dime?" Clint asks James if someone should maybe go with the owner, but James just keeps talking over him, totally tone deaf. Everyone, even David, is pissed that they pissed the owner off.

Don shows up at Fortitude. Tyana's surprised to see him, and even more surprised that he goes to talk to each individual. In the big dog room, he tells Mahsa she looks afraid of dogs, and he wonders why she was put here. She plays the innocent, as usual, but says she's going to give it 100 percent. Don interviews that it was a questionable decision. Mahsa's job is pretty easy, judging by what we see: She tells the dogs to stand around and be good, then points at the one that humps another one. Meanwhile, Ivanka shows up at Octane and James babbles to her about nothing. She tells him he needs to articulate his vision better before the presentation.

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