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It's A Woman's World

Lots of intense music plays as Trump, Ivanka, and George (George is back!) get out of cars and walk up to where our teams are standing all lined up. I want to see the raw footage of how long it takes to line these people up. Because I am guessing it's not an easy thing to do, just judging by the two previous episodes of mass chaos. Trump says good morning and then says Joan won't be with them this morning, but will be back tomorrow. Close-up of Melissa smiling knowingly. Maybe Joan needed some emergency plastic surgery because part of her face was falling off? Trump tells them they're standing on the steps of St. Bartholomew's Church where a lot of people get married. Trump helpfully informs the teams that "People love weddings," and that he himself loves weddings and has had a couple of them himself. Brian McKnight tells us that he feels at a disadvantage because all women do is think about weddings and all men do is hope they never get there. Nice.

Trump says each team has 125 dresses, and whichever team makes the biggest profit wins. George and Ivanka will be his eyes and ears. Trump tells Dennis he'll be very good at this task since he knows a lot about wedding dresses (because he married himself). Then he asks for project managers. The men choose Tom, of course, after Trump reminds them Tom said he wanted to. Tom tells the camera that no one else on his team could manage his team to a win. The women choose Brande, who tells us that this task would be in her realm, and be a lot of fun. Trump says someone's going to make a lot of money for their charity.

KOTU: Tom's in a van telling his team to keep it positive. He asks who wants to be in charge of marketing. Jesse thinks getting on the phone and getting people down to buy is a good idea. Tom encourages Clint to use some of his contacts in the country music industry. Clint asks for a target amount, and Tom says $100,000. I hope he doesn't mean for just one dress, though. Clint tells the camera he intends to carry out the challenge Tom gave him to raise $100,000, even if that means exhausting all of his resources. He starts making calls right away, hitting people up for money.

Athena's also in a van. Melissa's sending an email to update Joan. Annie's on the phone asking people to buy a dress for at least four figures, and not "some janky four figures." Uh, what is "janky"? Whoever she called says he'll buy a $10,000 dress. Back in the KOTU van, Dennis finds someone to pay $3,000 for a dress they've never seen. These people must have a lot of suckers for friends. Insanely rich suckers. The guys arrive, and see that KOTU and Athena are right next door to each other. Brian explains to the camera that it was a daunting task to be right next door, but it's not where you're selling, but what you're selling, and how. The women are nervous because they know the guys will try to bring in a lot of money, because they know how much the women will bring. It's all very circular and confusing logic, because it isn't actual logic. But whatever.

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