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It's A Woman's World

Clint's still making phone calls, trying to make good on his $100,000. Meanwhile, the other guys are trying to work on a name for their dress sale. Jessie chooses "Red Carpet" as their name, and their theme. Tom likes that. They keep getting their friends to buy dresses. Herschel has another $6,000, and Clint another $5,000.

Next door, Melissa greets someone named Preston with a hug. She explains that she thought it would be a good idea to reach out to her friend, Preston Bailey, one of the best known wedding planners. I guess they're using him here as a wedding dress sale planner. They tell him they have 125 dresses to sell, and he says he can "transform it," whatever that means. I'm guessing he means the space. Melissa is happy, but also convinced the guys will be giving it their all. As if on cue, Tom Green comes out of a dressing room wearing a wedding dress. He wants Brian to zip it up, and Brian's all, "absolutely not," but then does. Tom explains he's contributing to the relaxed atmosphere that might help them get a lot done.

Dennis points out that no one is walking on the street their store is on, so they should go generate hype. Tom agrees, and asks Herschel if he wants to go with Dennis or keep making calls. Herschel is still making a call as he gets up to go with Dennis. They go out on the street and talk to people. Dennis says his purpose is to draw business, but then we see him order a vodka cranberry. He says he's doing his thing, being Dennis Rodman, "Boom!" He drinks his vodka cranberry while he hits on a girl, though it's not clear if he's trying to sell her a wedding dress. Herschel just looks on in shock. Dennis tells us that on his team, he knows women more than anybody. He asks if we ever saw the movie Ghost and then summarizes in case anyone hasn't: "He came back as a ghost and got inside Whoopi Goldberg. ... That's me." God, I love Dennis so much. What profoundly insane wisdom the guy spouts. He continues to flirt. Herschel explains to the camera that all Dennis wanted to do was go around the neighborhood and have a drink here and there. Herschel isn't sure how that's going to sell a wedding dress. Dennis orders another drink, continues flirting with ladies, and says he's having fun now.

Back at KOTU headquarters, Clint's calling Tim McGraw. Tim wants to know what Clint's got himself into now. Ivanka comes in to monitor. She asks who's missing, and they say Dennis and Herschel. She sees they're making calls already, and Tom says they've been doing that since the beginning. Ivanka tells the camera everyone seems to be working together harmoniously, at least those who are there. She says Dennis and Herschel were missing, and she has yet to figure out where they are. Uh-oh. This could hurt them later, in the boardroom. We see them walking the streets, as Dennis says, "Everything's beautiful in New York."

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