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It's A Woman's World

Khloe's on the phone telling someone not to go right next door to KOTU. Brande tells the camera that they are having this great sale, but if no one shows up to buy them it's pointless. She says her goal is to raise $100,000. She calls someone and asks them to come buy a wedding dress, please. Please. She tells the person they can throw it away. Hmmm. Not a great sales tactic. Claudia's asking someone to bring their rich friends to buy dresses tomorrow. Khloe's on the phone with Joe Francis, who she knows is getting married soon, so he might as well buy a wedding dress. Melissa tells them it will be $5,000, and he's in.

Dennis shows up back at KOTU with a drink in his hand. He tells Tom how much he likes the ladies. Jesse interviews that the good thing they found out how to get Dennis to talk more and be more interactive, but the bad news is that it's with vodka and cranberry juice that makes him do that. Dennis tells them he's going to get some models. He calls a friend, who sends him over a Russian girl. It's very shady, especially because I can't understand most of what Dennis says. He brings the girl in, and tells everyone he loves Russian bitch... girls. Then he apologizes, as all the other guys shake their heads. She does look good in the dresses, which she's modeling for them. Tom interviews that the day went really well, and then he and Dennis leave with the model to go get a drink at the hotel. Tom tells everyone it was an awesome day.

The next morning, Herschel, Brian, Clint, and Jesse get in the van. They wonder where Tom and Dennis are, but they aren't waiting. They call Tom's room and Jesse tells him to wake the fuck up and get Dennis up, too, and both of them get the fuck down there. Clint says they were going to the bar last night with that Russian model. Herschel says, "She ain't no Russian model." Clint's like, "Stripper?" Uh, yeah, or possibly prostitute? That might explain why it was all very shady when he called someone who sent a Russian girl over. Clint interviews that when you start adding things up, it looks like those guys had a pretty rockin' night. Jesse would just like to throw out there that Tom might not be the best project manager. A very tired and hung-over Tom gets into a van alone, with a coffee. He says good morning to us (or the camera guy), and then says this is going to be the biggest disaster in the history of The Apprentice. He means a positive disaster, because his team is going to make so much money.

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