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It's A Woman's World

Herschel's outside stealing customers from Athena. Joan is pissed that the men are outside grabbing customers. She comes over and asks if they have anyone. Herschel tells her it's packed, but she can buy something if she wants. Brande comes out and says they have no one. Joan tells her not to tell them that, though. Brande's nervous because there are only a few hours left, and the guys' store is packed, while theirs is empty. It must be all of Brian's charm, right?

KOTU's still packed with 90 minutes left. Joan goes inside Athena, which is empty. All sorts of the ladies are sitting down, so Joan asks them to please come out and draw customers in. Khloe comes out and yells things like, "Boys suck! It's not worth your while!" as Herschel rolls his eyes. Joan literally pulls women from KOTU into Athena. Joan tells them that next door, they're shit. Tom's asking women if they have their credit cards, and they tell him they feel accosted. Luckily, Clint comes up and interrupts to tell Tom the checks are here. He has $5,000 from Sound Image, $5,000 from Tim McGraw. Tom interviews that Clint brought $35,000, and that he knows they raised money, but will it be enough to surpass the women.

Next door, QVC is paying $25,000 for a dress, which the QVC lady says is a perfect dress for some Joan Rivers Jewelry (there is such a thing as that? Scary.). Annie Duke's friend Perry is there to buy a $10,000 dress. With nine minutes left, Athena starts panicking. Brande says they had brought in so much money, but she still worries because the guys will pull out all their cards. Next door, Herschel stands out front with the Russian "model" and no one else. Herschel's worried because his checks haven't shown up yet. He calls them, and they show up with $16,000. Tom calls Herschel and Clint "hero fundraisers." He says they need a win after two losses in a row. He says they haven't added it all up yet, but they think they've brought in a lot. He thanks everyone for helping charity, and it's over.

The teams enter the boardroom, where George and Ivanka are waiting. Trump enters last, as always. He asks Brande how they did. She says they did excellent and couldn't have done any better. She says she has an extremely strong team and they all work well together. He asks who did poorly, and she says no one. He asks who was her star and she says Melissa and Annie.

Trump moves on to Tom, who says his team was great. He calls Clint and Herschel "heroes" again, which shows he doesn't hold a grudge, since they both wanted him fired last week. Tom thinks they did good. Trump asks if they used Dennis' celebrity at all. Tom says he did use it in that Dennis raised some money by walking around and drumming up business. He adds that, unfortunately, Dennis had an allergic reaction and his eye was hurt. Trump asks what the reaction was to, and Dennis says he's allergic to cats. Trump's like, "Cats?!" Tom explains that they went out with dot-com millionaires or billionaires -- Trump interjects that they were billionaires, but they aren't anymore -- and the billionaires' dogs gave him an allergic reaction. Trump's like, "Was it cats or dogs?" Dennis is all, "Yeah, dogs." This is such a freaking lie, and a really pathetic one. Trump asks what the allergy has to do with anything, and Tom starts to talk, but George is like, "He wasn't there. Say it like it is." Oh, how I missed George. Tom says he worked hard yesterday, though, raising money. Trump asks Herschel why Dennis wasn't there, and Herschel says he wasn't sure, actually, but that the day before they hit the streets. He says he's not sure what they did. Dennis says he's not chickenshit, so he'll say it: His job was to be the billboard. Trump asks if they hit the bars, not the streets, and Dennis says they hit the streets. Herschel says he was told to go with Dennis, by his project manager. Tom looks grave. Trump asks what he thinks of Tom as a leader, and Herschel says he wouldn't be on his A team.

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