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Athena discusses whether Dennis had a reaction to a cat or a dog. Melissa hilariously says, "It wasn't any ... It was a girl named Kitty." Hee. Okay, I might like her a little bit for that. Back in the boardroom, Dennis says he refused to see a doctor, just like he did when he was in the NBA. Trump asks if he didn't think it was disrespectful not to say anything to Tom, even without opening the door, to say "Tom, I'm not feeling good." He says he wouldn't do that to Phil Jackson or Michael Jordan. Trump asks if Phil Jackson's knocking on that door, he opens it, right? Dennis says, honestly, no. Trump calls him a piece of work, as Dennis says that he'd do the same thing to Michael Jordan. Trump asks if that's a mood thing. Dennis says it's not a mood thing, it's just that if he's not feeling good, he asks the team to help him out. He says that's what a team is all about. He rambles on about being sick and stopping Donald Trump International Enterprises. Ivanka thankfully interrupts him to tell him if he doesn't communicate that he's sick, how does the team know to help him out. It just seems like he's not showing up. Trump asks Clint if he'd fire Dennis or Tom. Clint says that if he were Donald Trump, he'd make Dennis produce at least three doctors to tell him the same thing. Dennis just sits there chewing gum, acting sullen.

Most of the women think Dennis is going, but Brande thinks it's Tom. Annie and Brande bet $5 (Annie's idea, of course). Trump asks Jesse what he'd do, and Jesse says, "Fire Dennis and Tom." Trump says, "Tom because he wasn't a very good leader?" Jesse says Tom didn't get up either, that he had to call and wake him up, and then asked him to wake up Dennis. Tom says he wasn't late -- that everyone had a specific task and they were taken care of. Ivanka says that everyone else did leave before Tom, and it seems like no one believes he was knocking for that period of time. She thinks there's a little bit of a scapegoat thing in that it's convenient that Dennis overslept. Dennis says he didn't oversleep; he just didn't answer the door. Trump doesn't understand that at all, which I like. He asks Dennis if he minds not being led, or if he minds being led. I don't get what he's asking, and neither does Dennis, because he responds with another question: "What do you want me to say?"

Trump asks Dennis if he were Trump, would he fire him or Tom? Dennis won't answer, but Trump asks him again, "Do I fire you, or do I fire Tom?" He points out Dennis was late and wouldn't listen to anybody, including Tom, and asks again who should he fire. Dennis says nothing, so Trump says it again, louder. Dennis says he wants to stay, so he's saying Tom. George says he'd like to say something about Tom. He says that when he was down in the store and asked him about Dennis, Tom was very protective and didn't seem at all concerned that Dennis wasn't there. Tom says he was concerned, but was told it was an infection. George says that Tom didn't say anything about knocking on the door, but just protected Dennis like it was okay. Tom says that whenever something negative happened in the past weeks, the team dwelled on it and he was trying to keep it positive. Trump asks what Dennis produced, and Tom says he did bring some money down, from his agent and several other people.

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