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Trump asks if Tom brought money. He says he didn't, because he was organizing. Trump says he didn't organize very well. He says the store was decorated poorly, he didn't control Dennis (though Trump acknowledges that probably no one can control Dennis), and he didn't bring any money in. Tom tries to say he took a non-traditional approach. Trump repeats all the criticisms, and says Tom was a bad leader. Trump says Tom could have been fired last week, and now this week was even worse. He says that he did have a guy not show up, but that's also because of his bad leadership. Trump says that he thinks Jesse might be right, and he should fire both of them. He asks Clint who he'd fire. Clint agrees to fire both of them. He asks Brian, who says, "Tom. Period." Trump says Tom was a lousy project manager, and was lousy last week. He fires Tom, who says, "That's fine." Dennis is like, "That's it?" Trump tells them to all get out of there. He tells Dennis to please try a little harder. Dennis says, "I will try. I will try." The women say that was brutal, and Annie says she owes Brande five bucks. Tom gets in the wrong elevator, and the receptionist tells him it's the wrong one. He's not going back up.

In the boardroom, Trump says Tom just wouldn't lead. Ivanka agrees, and says he also showed poor leadership by sleeping in. Trump says "We did the right thing." I want, just once, post-firing, for Trump to be like, "I've made a huge mistake" instead of this self-congratulation every time. It gets a little old. Tom exits the revolving door and gets into a car. Dennis leads the rest of KOTU back into the room.

In the car, Tom admits he's a little surprised. He didn't think he'd get fired, but that's the way the cards fell on the table (hey! That's Annie Duke's line). He thought he had the potential to win, but "that's cool." He's just surprised.

Next week: Dennis Rodman has a meltdown, in the form of getting in Clint's face. And the preview makes it look as if everyone's watching. And since he's twice Clint's height, it's probably a tad intimidating. It's back at 9 p.m., although I'm hoping it isn't back to two hours. ["It is" -- Angel] It's not worth it. ["It's not." -- AC] Also, I hope it's time to mix up the teams, especially if these women-geared tasks are going to continue. There's not much suspense with gender-specific tasks and gender-sorted teams, and I'd like a little suspense with my crazy from this show.

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