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Summer plays soccer with some Right to Play kids in New York, and presents the charity with a $20,000 check. I know I should care, because it's a good charity, but it's Summer, who I can't really stand so it's hard for me to be happy. Back at RockSolid headquarters, the guys discuss that Rod's gone and they're ready to get to work as soon as they hear from him. At Tenacity, Cyndi brings in a dry-erase board because she thinks they should write down their tasks on it. Holly's like, "It might not work for every task," which gives us the opportunity for Cyndi to tell us how "bossy, saucy gal" Holly is. She says "Holly Peete Robinson whatever" is a control freak, and then they start yelling at each other. Sharon reminds them they're here for their charities and should shut their mouths. Then she tells them that, without Cyndi, this would be as boring as watching ice melt. Good God, I love that woman. She tells us later that she's the first one to tell Cyndi to shut up, but there's a way to do it without hurting people's feelings.

At RockSolid, they're discussing Rod's lack of technical savvy. Curtis tries to be very sweet and diplomatic in his way, all, "Bless his heart, he can't send an e-mail," but ends by calling Rod a "total technical reject." But in his accent, it's still charming and fun. They try to call Rod and Curtis leaves an awesome voicemail that's all, "Whoever picks up this voicemail in a couple months' time, can you please tell Rod that we love him, no matter what happened back then? It's all okay." Hee. Okay, he's my favorite. Goldberg hopes there's a homing pigeon to help Rod if he has to email today. Cut to Rod trying to use a laptop on the plane. He literally looks at the bottom of it but can't seem to get the Trump screensaver to go away. Rod says he can't text, but he can use the phone, which some say he does all too often. Selita goes to work with discs and her computer, as Rod orders food and then politics to the camera guy, all, "Hello. How are you?"

The plane lands, and Selita calls her team immediately to fill them in about the theme park, which is called "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter." It's a 3-D experience, blah, blah. Cyndi asks what tasks they'll be assigned, but Selita says she can't do that until she sees the display. Instead, she tells them Rod can't use a computer, and none of them can believe it. Rod tries to call the guys, but apparently thinks they're on speakerphone when they're not, so they're all, "Hello? Hello? Hello?" But he doesn't hear them. He finally gets it to work and fills them in. Fortunately, he took very good hand-written notes, but he doesn't know what "3-D display" means, so he asks Bret, who describes it as a "nativity scene." These people are totally geniuses. At least Rod's ready to assign tasks, though: Bret's on design/creative, Curtis is on communication, Goldberg is on graphics, and Michael is on finances and timing. The guys are ready to kick ass.

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