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Back at Tenacity, Holly's defensive about Sharon's comment, so she says she didn't come to be entertaining, but to win money for her charity, since her son has autism. Cyndi rightfully asks her what makes her think anyone doesn't want to win money for their charity. Maria says she feels like she's in the middle of Cyndi-Sharon and Holly-Summer. Sharon responds to Holly with, "Yeah, I came because I wanted more attention." Okay, where can I get my Team Sharon shirt? Holly says she didn't come to be funny, and Sharon says, "You couldn't be." Dude, they are a disaster. Lucky for RockSolid.

Rod and Selita are in a limo together again, and Selita's texting, so Rod can't hear her on the phone. She tells him she's going to kick his ass. He really wishes he knew how to text, but he doesn't think that will keep them from winning or anything. Though he does think it will be an excuse for people to point fingers later. Selita's sent the girls a diagram of what she wants, and they tell her to keep texting. Selita and Rod arrive at Universal Studios, where the executives welcome them and then take them to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The executive actually describes it as an amazing level of "authentic," because, you know, Hogwarts is real. And Rod loves it, and wishes he could be there in real life, permanently. The executives tell them they want their displays to be as authentic as possible to the park, so should be interactive, and they get to take merchandise with them.

Bret's drawn a diagram of his idea, which he starts out by saying, "It scares kids, but it doesn't freak 'em out. Big difference." Bret fills us in on how creative he is. Tenacity, meanwhile, doesn't have a real strong creative force working in New York, partially because of their tension. They're going with her diagram to come up with the basic concept, and trying to work together without scratching each other's eyes out. Summer says it's a lot different without your PM here, so you find yourself sitting around a lot. Bret's trying to explain to RockSolid and the fabricators what he wants, but no one really understands him. Michael thinks they're all the way back to Square One.

Tenacity. Maria explains the task, and she seems to get it, so Selita did communicate well. They're trying to decide on props, which leads to more bickering. Selita calls, and they want her approval on stuff. They don't need wands, because Selita has those. Good to know. Back with RockSolid, Bret's having a change of heart when he realizes how small the space is. Rod calls and wants to talk to Bret. He tells him what they have to do, but not really. When Bret asks if he should make it interactive or something to look at, he's like, "Whatever you think, Bret. But don't let it be a flop." Bret finally gets it together and tells them what to do, and the builders are happy that Bret finally knows what he wants. The guys jump in to help them build. Rod calls the guys again before the return flight, but then sleeps on the plane. Selita, meanwhile, is writing her team's storyline.

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