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Tenacity. Sharon's coughing and sick, and the sawdust isn't helping. And then George shows up to check on them. George! He tells them their decisions are very bold, and he can't believe how cool, calm, and collected they are. He thinks it will be great if they can pull it off. Erin Burnett from CNBC is Trump's eyes and ears this time, and Bret thinks she's hot and beautiful and smart and beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. That's basically what he says. He fills her in on his haunted house idea, and doesn't know if she loves or hates it. Erin asks about Rod, but then can't believe that he doesn't know how to e-mail. Bret says his head's on the chopping block for sure, if this fails.

Tenacity. The builders are putting together their 3-D display, which has you walking through a dragon's mouth to enter. They're very interested in seeing what Selita has to say when she comes back. Meanwhile, at RockSolid, Bret's happy with his display, but is nervous and hopes Rod likes it. Bret tells Curtis he'll take the fall if this fails. Curtis thinks maybe Rod did this on purpose -- putting Bret on the line -- since he's a politician. Rod and Selita arrive back at Teterboro, and Rod wakes up and moseys around, while Selita's eager to get back. Rod's so happy to see how good the exhibit's looking, as Bret and Goldberg are working hard. But Rod's less happy to find Curtis and Michael eating ribs, since he thinks Bret and Goldberg could use more help. Selita's a little less happy with hers, and makes changes and bosses everyone around, but they're happy to have her. She's going to do the presentation. Rod wants his presentation to be less scripted and more improv, and they'll hand out candy, since it's kids. Michael wants it to be theatrical, but Rod just wants to ad-lib a bunch of stuff. Curtis tells us the plan is that there isn't a fucking plan. His words.

RockSolid the next morning (I think). Rod, Goldberg and Bret are in a van heading to the presentation space, and Rod is stressing Bret out with his emphasis on the "facts" of Harry Potter. Curtis and Michael are on their way to the prop house to pick up the final touches. Michael calls Rod to ask what they need, and Rod's answer is again, "Use your judgment." Curtis thinks it's unbelievable that Rod's a governor and can't make a decision. When Tenacity shows up with 90 minutes until presentation, their project is done, but not assembled, so they all go to work putting it together. It's basically chaos. The guys' exhibit is more together, but, remember, they have no idea what their presentation is. Goldberg's dressed as a tree, though, and he hates it. Bret says this is going to be the greatest thing that ever happened or the biggest laugh he ever has. Or, hopefully, both. At the opening, Bret has a poster about the 3-D display, so he tears it down, leaving a giant hole where it was, because Bret had framed it in Harry Potter scarves. He's an idiot.

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