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"Minus One Tooth, We Still Prevail"

The guys seem to have decided on an idea of a giant popcorn fight, but Wade hates it. He thinks it's not appropriate for kids, which is ridiculous. Kids invented food-fights, didn't they? David's wildly eating a bagel, when it rips half of his tooth out. They send him away to take care of it, and everyone's supportive. Except Steuart, who says that if he were only missing half a tooth, he'd stick around and help the team. He says David's going home if they lose, and Steuart will be overjoyed in that case.

Fortitude. Mahsa decides to let Liza, Poppy, and Tyana do something creative, so they're not mad. But Tyana thinks Mahsa realized she wasn't giving them enough responsibility to pin on them in the boardroom, so she flipped it and put her friends on "food and stuff," and put these three on creative. Which means recording people working out with flip cameras. Octane is working outside, on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Steuart's playing a prankster, who runs around and gets couples involved in a popcorn fight. Ivanka pays a visit and then tells us she doesn't know if this viral video has the potential to be hilarious. Don's visiting Octane; he thinks Mahsa's doing a great job because she looks like a director. Which means she's a bossy jerk, basically. He does notice some team members are quiet, so she might be taking too much control, which might make it hard for her to say anyone else is at fault if they don't win. The guys are finishing their final scene, with a giant crowd gathered. Clint says that if this thing doesn't go viral, he doesn't know what viral is. Wade says if they lose, it will be purely on concept, which will be Clint's fault.

The teams watch and edit their videos. Wade still thinks the popcorn fight is pretty in-your-face for kids. Tyana thinks the footage they're choosing isn't funny and brings it up, but Mahsa says there's no time to change it up. Mahsa interviews that Tyana said this so she would be safe in the boardroom, but Tyana cries in her interview that she's on Mahsa's side and can't imagine them winning, which is so frustrating. Charlie and Hitesh sit together to watch the videos: Fortitude's "Lunch Break Workout" -- basically one guy eating popcorn throughout a workout, as everyone ogles him, and he finally shares with them -- and Octane's "Kettle Corn Chaos" -- in which Steuart runs around and throws popcorn in people's face, then they pick up the bag and find out it's Popcorn, Indiana. It ends with a giant fight in the street and then Steuart sitting and eating popcorn with "To be continued..." Charlie and Hitesh think the ladies' idea was quirky, and the guys' was funny but a little violent. Charlie thinks it's a tough choice, because they're both good. I'm not "viral video hotshot," but I think the choice is tough because neither is that good.

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