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"Minus One Tooth, We Still Prevail"

Boardroom. Trump asks Clint if he thinks they won; he does, because they made a spectacle. Anand agrees, and says Clint was a breath of fresh air as a leader. Trump asks Wade why he didn't lead, and he says he didn't want to create problems so he let Clint do it, but he's leading next week. Trump asks Steuart if David was a problem, but Steuart tells Trump about David's "dental malfunction." David gives us graphic details about his tooth being pulled apart by the bagel. Mahsa plugs her ears. Steuart says he thought they had an excellent team, since David wasn't there, and he's confident they won. Trump turns to the ladies. Mahsa thinks they did excellent, too, and she thinks they won. Brandy's also confident in their video. Trump asks if anyone doesn't love the video, and Tyana raises her hand. Mahsa calls her the biggest and weakest member of their team. Trump asks if Mahsa would take all the shit she's talking back if they win, but Mahsa wouldn't; she's not fake. Mahsa talks over Tyana, and finally Trump says Tyana can talk. She says she thinks they lost.

Trump wants to see the women's video. They all giggle, though none of the guys or the Trumps do. Mahsa says she loved it, but the guys don't see a stunt in that video, so they think they won. Trump watches the men's video. The men and Tyana laugh, but Mahsa isn't impressed. She thinks it was disrespectful to the product and that it wasn't a stunt. Steuart's like, "We only shut down Fifth Avenue." Trump points out that Tyana laughed at it, and Mahsa tries to dismiss that with the reasoning that it is "because Tyana's evil." But Trump's not having that. THANK GOD. Tyana says it was way better than their video, because it was an event. Clint says that in the rain, they had people standing out into Fifth Avenue to watch, shutting down the street.

Trump asks Ivanka for the pros and cons of the men's team. She repeats what we already know: The video was funny, and it was a large event. But the tagline was hard to hear (because everyone shouted it together at the end), and the video was a bit violent with the product. Don says the women's concept was clever and fun; they liked the irony. But it was a little casual, contrived, not guerilla, and didn't go far enough. Trump says Hitesh chose the men's team. Clint's going to meet Steve Forbes as his reward. The men are sent away. On the way out, David says, "Minus one tooth, we still prevail." That's pretty big talk from the team that's lost the previous two weeks.

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