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It's About Damn Time

Everyone enters the boardroom and sits with Ivanka and Don. Trump enters. He asks Claudia how she thinks she did. She thinks they did a good job. He asks if they think they won. She certainly hopes so. She thinks they evoked emotions, which was a big part of it. Trump asks Brian, and he thinks they did well and definitely won. Trump asks if they worked as a team and he says, "Mmmm ... most of us." He laughs, and Trump asks what he means. He talks about Clint and Dennis fighting. Clint explains that he reached out an olive branch and told Dennis he's not taking it seriously. Trump asks if that worked, and Clint says he and Dennis are going to hit the gay bars. Trump's not sure about that, but he asks Dennis about him and Clint. Dennis says he told Clint that after this, they're going to be friends no matter what. What about Brian? Dennis says he gets along with Brian, but Trump says he heard Brian didn't want to use Dennis at all. Dennis says he doesn't know why. Trump asks why, and Brian says after Dennis got confrontational, he realized he didn't have enough people for Dennis to have a babysitter.

Ivanka asks the origin of the conflict with Clint, and Brian has no idea, that after the coin toss he got in Clint's personal space. Clint admits he almost got on a chair and decked Dennis. Don asks again what the origin was, and Dennis says it was nothing. He says Donald knows him as well as anyone, and knows he doesn't have a hateful bone in his body and never fought anyone in the NBA. He says he gets along with people very well. Clint asks who's to blame if his team loses. He says he doesn't have a great answer, but Dennis is raising his hand. Dennis says that everyone will point at him if they lose, but he wasn't involved. Trump goes back to Clint and asks again. Clint says Brian really took command, for better or worse. Trump asks if Clint blames Brian as well as gives him credit. Clint says he wouldn't blame him, but he thinks Brian would take responsibility. Brian says, "Absolutely." Trump asks if they lost, if he should fire Brian. Brian repeats "Absolutely," saying it was his decision not to involve Dennis. Herschel thinks the team came together. Trump says Herschel might be the only one who could take Dennis in a fight, but Jesse says he could, too, because he knows his weak spots (hint: eyes!).

Trump asks who was the star of Athena, and Claudia says Joan, even though she wasn't around for the brainstorming. She got it immediately. Trump heard Melissa was good as well. Claudia says she's in this field so she has some strong opinions. Don asks if she was fully utilized. Claudia thinks she was. Melissa does not agree that she was fully utilized. She says she has 15years' experience, and Claudia should have had her oversee everything. [Then why didn't Melissa volunteer to be project manager? This still doesn't make sense to me. - AC] Trump asks Annie what she thinks. She says it was total chaos, more than any previous task they've done. If they lose, Annie would have to say it was the project manager's responsibility. Claudia says she was prepared for this. She tells Trump that Melissa was the biggest problem. She says you can look at her as a good leader or look at her and say she was out of bounds. Melissa interrupts and says she completely rolled over and told Claudia to lead her. Claudia says she kept jumping in like this, and Trump says she's a strong person, because she comes from a strong person. He says it would be hard for Joan to produce a weak child, and Joan nods.

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