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It's About Damn Time

Claudia continues that Melissa can't take criticism at all. Joan jumps in to defend her child, and Melissa says this is such bullshit. Ivanka looks on, prettily. Joan says this isn't because Melissa is her child, but the weakest link in the group is Claudia. Joan says Claudia's mushy. She doesn't know how to lead. She's a very nice girl but she's mushy. Claudia says Joan wasn't there yesterday, but Joan points out all of the things Melissa did to run the show. Melissa says she wrote the whole thing. Claudia keeps trying to speak but no one will let her. Trump asks Dennis if he can believe this, and he says he's been waiting for it. Hee. Trump asks Natalie if her team won. Brande says she thinks her team won, because they did such a good job. Trump says she didn't win, because her husband will be damn pissed at her. She says she hired a cute boy to play her boyfriend. Trump says he gave her a pretty hard kiss, though. She says that's okay with her, and Trump says her husband won't like it.

Trump asks Ivanka and Don for comments. Ivanka heard about the boys. Hot girls dancing: enough said. Brian McKnight: Need I say more. Second presentation rocked. Don heard that the men were entertaining but not focused enough on the product. Couldn't tell what the men were selling. Joan was funny with several examples of the video. Joan was awesome. Trump says the people watching voted almost 85 percent in favor of one team, so it wasn't even close. The men absolutely, easily defeated the women. Trump tells them how good they are. Brian's charity, Youthville USA, will get $20,000. He tells them to go back to the suite and watch what's going to happen if they want.

The men are in the suite, with food and champagne. Brian explains that Youthville USA provides foster care, and it makes better adults. The men toast. Jesse wants to turn the volume up, and Dennis says this is going to be funny. And we're back in the boardroom, where Trump says the numbers were 386-61. He tells Claudia that's big. She agrees it's horrible. Trump says this wasn't close, so it wasn't hard to pick a winner. He acknowledges they might have had an advantage with Clint and Brian. Melissa says she thought exactly that: two veteran performers. The guys in the room talk about how they had such an advantage despite having only four.

Back in the room, Annie says she thought for sure they'd lose until she saw Joan perform. She was so great, Annie thought they had a chance to win. Joan looks upset or shocked by this, which is weird. Or, I don't know really. It's hard to tell anything with Joan's face. They all agree the vignettes were bad, and Joan was great. Don asks whose idea the vignettes were, and Claudia says they all agreed. Trump asks Tionne if she takes any responsibility, being the great singer on this team. She says that it wasn't about putting on a concert, or she could have done that. Trump says he loves Tionne's music, and asks why Claudia didn't have her sing. Claudia babbles about how she wanted it to be about the emotions. Trump asks Melissa, and she said she wasn't in on the creative process; she was only in on the technical process. Khloe says that Melissa really tried to step back after the fight, which was hard for her as a producer. The guys think this is funny.

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