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It's About Damn Time

Trump asks the women who is the toughest at the table. Annie says it's between Joan, Melissa and her. But she also says Natalie is a quietly strong player. She says some people think they can do it without bringing it, which is how Claudia is. She says she sat by Melissa during stage managing, and she did a great job. Trump asks if Melissa was obnoxious, and Annie says she can't say about earlier; it looks like equal obnoxiousness on both sides, but she did put her head down. She gives Melissa so much credit for trying to pull something together that was a disaster. Annie says if they'd won, she would have given equal credit to Joan and Melissa for winning. At this point, Joan touches Melissa's leg under the table. I think she's patting it reassuringly or something, which is pretty cute.

Ivanka asks Claudia what she would have done differently in retrospect, and what was the trigger for the conflict. Claudia says she probably should have stood up to Melissa more, but she's very loud and very obnoxious. She feels like she can't finish a thought. Claudia says she's not dismissing her talents, although she's never seen anything Melissa's produced. Melissa tries to jump in, but Claudia asks her to please let her finish. Claudia says there's only so much she can do, because Melissa doesn't like her. Melissa says that number one, she really does like Claudia. Which, I have to say, I believe. I think Claudia is like a Mean Girl, and Melissa's the type who wants everyone to like her. Claudia says, "No you don't," and calls Melissa sarcastic. I think maybe Claudia should look in a mirror. Melissa says it became a personal attack, which is why she got upset in the first place. She says her humor is sarcastic, and she is really sorry if Claudia took that the wrong way, because she does really like her. Then she addresses Claudia dismissing her as a producer, asking if she's ever watched any of those big, red-carpet extravaganzas in the past 12 years. Claudia: "Not too many." She's taking the really bitter approach here, which never flies well with Trump. He likes people who give credit where it's due, not who just slam a person completely. Anyway, Melissa produced those. Claudia: "Congratulations." Wow. She is terrible.

Claudia says she's not the only one who had problems with Melissa, and Melissa asks for others to speak up. Claudia says they won't, because they don't want to go home, and are fine leaving it on her. Ivanka asks if it was only Melissa, because a lot of people are giving her a lot of positive credit, so did anyone else do anything wrong? Back in the guys' room, Brian wonders why Melissa didn't step up to be project manager. Good question. Ivanka asks if anyone else is responsible for the loss from a creative standpoint, or if it's only Melissa. Claudia says she's not putting it all on Melissa, and Don calls Claudia out for what I'm hating: She's taking the emotional side, which is that she doesn't like Melissa, instead of her effectiveness. He asks who was the least effective or most. He says she's just being sarcastic with Melissa, and she says she's annoyed right now. Trump says she doesn't like Melissa and he doesn't think Melissa likes her, and that's okay, but he asks who was the least effective. Claudia says Khloe. Trump asks Khloe what she did, and she says she was trying not to step on anyone else's toes because there was so much drama and chaos. Trump looks skeptical.

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