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It's About Damn Time

Ivanka asks if Khloe hedges against making decisions that might lead to a win or a loss. She says she tries, but there are a lot of strong personalities, so her ideas get shot down. Trump asks Annie what she thinks of Khloe. Annie thinks she doesn't step up and volunteer for big jobs, so the question here is whether that's Khloe's fault or Claudia's, who's supposed to be managing her. Trump says maybe it's both. Trump asks Khloe who she would fire and she says Claudia. Joan agrees, and says she's been that way since Day One. Trump's not going to ask Melissa, because he knows she'll say Claudia. Joan says again that Claudia mushes instead of directing or taking hold. Trump asks Brande who she'd fire, and she says it's hard to say. She was very into her thing. Trump says, "Yeah, kissing that good-looking guy. He's dead. Dead." She doesn't answer, and he moves on to Natalie. She says there was so much friction. Trump asks who she'd fire, and she says Claudia, because she's at the top. Claudia chooses to bring Khloe and Melissa back. The guys think her decision was dangerous, but I actually think it was smart. She had to bring Melissa or she'd look insincere, but Melissa's not getting fired. Khloe actually might. Also, oh my god: Longest. Boardroom. Ever.

The Trumps sit there, and Trump asks Ivanka, who thinks it's sad that they used to be a unified force. He's all, "Not anymore. Don?" Don thinks Claudia's letting her emotions override her business decisions of who to bring into the boardroom. He thinks Khloe needs to explain why she sat around needing to be told what to do. They bring the ladies back in. Trump asks Claudia what happened. She thought they did engage the audience: Joan was great. She guesses the vignettes were weak. He asks why she brought in Melissa, and why Khloe. She says Khloe, on this one, didn't do much. She says, as project manager, she's responsible for the event but people have to take initiative. She says Melissa is effective, but her personality offends people, and this is a team, not Melissa, Inc. She says her "antics" causes disruption on the team.

Melissa responds that it's become a character assassination and a personality conflict. She says that if people think she's rude or don't like her personality, the bottom line is that if they get the job done, that's one more thing off your plate. Claudia says no one's saying that. Saying what? Man, she is not bright. Khloe says she's worked for people she can't stand, but she sucks it up, does her job, and goes home. She says people are confusing work with personalities, but there was so much chaos. Trump asks whose fault the chaos was, and Khloe says Claudia. Claudia says the chaos was because there are so many people, and when Melissa came in and disrupted people, Claudia saw the looks on their faces that said, "Do something," so she did. She pretends she was really nice, but Melissa says she didn't say it like that. Melissa tries to interrupt, and Claudia stops her. Melissa tells her to stop lying.

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