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It's About Damn Time

Trump gets Claudia to admit that Melissa came through, so he asks why she brought her into the boardroom. Don says that it seems like she let her emotional dislike interfere, which is a problem from a company perspective. Claudia can see his point with that. Trump asks what Khloe would do, and she says she'd fire the "project leader." Melissa says "Claudia." Claudia says she'd fire Khloe. Trump asks Khloe if she did anything on the task. He tells her he doesn't like people who don't take initiative and she didn't do anything. She says she did do stuff, and on every other challenge she was great. She just doesn't feel she should be fired, but ... she's not going to fight hard or anything. Is she doomed? Trump likes fighters.

Trump says he's a fan of Claudia and he realizes she has a lot on her hands as leader of a losing team. He says Melissa may be obnoxious to some people -- certainly to Claudia -- but she did a good job, according to everybody. He says he believes Claudia has an amazing future and is beautiful, but she's fired. They walk out, and Claudia doesn't speak to the others. In the boardroom, Trump says that's too bad, because he thought she was terrific in many ways (mostly her looks). Don says she was, but there was no other choice. She gets in the car, as Khloe and Melissa head to the suite. That decision was obvious an hour before the show ended. We do not need that much boardroom. Or that much of this show. Please shorten this to an hour, NBC. Please and thank you.

In the car, Claudia says it sucks to be the first woman fired, since they were on a roll. She says she lost control of her team, and at the end of the day it falls to project manager. She says, "You win some, you lose some."

Next week, Dennis's meltdown continues. He drinks all the time, leading to a boardroom intervention. Wait, is this going to turn into an episode of Intervention? Because that would be sort of awesome.

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