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It's About Damn Time

Trump has the celebrities lined up, as he welcomes them to Capitale, where he says they'll be working. He calls it one of the great event spaces in New York City. Trump tells Athena that Joan's gone all day again (another close-up on Melissa), at a charity event, but will be back sometime tomorrow. He's sure she'll be checking in. Trump tells them how large the telecommunications industry is, and then tells them that ACN (which might or might not be a pyramid scheme, by the way; thanks to Snark Shark for the tip) is the largest video phone distributor in the world. He introduces Greg and Tony, from ACN, who will tell the celebrities what to do. They tell the celebrities to launch the new ACN video phone to the world. Five-hundred ACN sales people will vote on the team with the highest excitement, energy and emotional appeal for the project. It will be based on votes.

Trump tells them to choose project managers. Dennis doesn't even participate in the discussion, and Trump calls them out. They chose Brian, who tells us he wants to lead to keep them from getting their butts kicked again. He says this is an event that's pretty much like his life for the past 20 years. I'm not sure how, but okay. Claudia will lead the women. The winner's charity will get $20,000. Don and Ivanka will be Trump's eyes and ears. He tells them the first thing they'll do is negotiate who will present first. They'll do that in the room where the event will be.

In the room, the teams are talking about it, minus Dennis, who's sitting by himself on the stairs. They ask him to come help, but he's all, "You guys got it. You guys got it." The women choose Annie to negotiate for the time slot, and the men choose Clint. Dennis talks shit about Clint, calling him a dictator and swearing a lot. The men and the women both want the second slot, and since no one will budge, they'll flip a coin. Annie tells Clint he can call it, which gives Dennis another opportunity to talk shit. He starts swearing and says now he'll see how good Clint is. Clint calls tails, and it's tails. So, apparently he's good? Because coin tosses prove everything. Dennis jumps up and gets in Clint's face. But since half of what Dennis is saying is bleeped, it's hard to know what he's actually spouting. He is clearly pissed, though. Clint calmly asks Dennis if he thinks this is going to help, so Dennis says, "Fuck you, man." Annie interviews that she thought Dennis was joking at first, until she realized he was serious. The women all look uncomfortable. Dennis says it's a team game and storms out. Because that's what you do in a team game, you know.

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