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It's About Damn Time

Clint interviews about how he didn't let Dennis make him walk away. He didn't think he'd lay his hands on him. He thought it was talk, more than him being interested in hurting him. Jesse says in the team van that he got in the face of the smallest dude on the team. Clint jokes, "I'm the smallest?" They don't know if Dennis will come back. Brian interviews that Dennis could be useful if he chose to be part of the team, but he's choosing to be in Dennis Land. They're at their headquarters, and Jesse asks if they should call Dennis. Brian thinks he's too confrontational, and he doesn't want to waste his time trying to rein him in. He interviews they don't have anyone to let be a babysitter. He says they could have won if he'd participated in any of the previous weeks. He also says that Dennis isn't a team player, and he wasn't in basketball, either, but they made it work because he was an extraordinary player. Unfortunately, they're not playing basketball. Hey, the men might have an advantage if they were.

The women are playing with their video phone. Claudia and Brande are looking at each other's beautiful faces in theirs. Claudia thinks launching this is exciting, and scary. They have a meeting with some ACN executives. Khloe says it was to pick their brains. The guys want an exciting, high-energy launch. They want to know why they should have this product in their home. They want people to never go back to the old way of communicating long distance. They say that people want to see the person they're communicating with, and Claudia says, "Especially if they look good." Everyone laughs. The execs tell the guys how important emotional appeal is, saying that's what will get them the most votes. Brian tells us that after those marching orders, he felt like they had this.

KOTU, minus Dennis (KOTU-D) is getting organized. Jesse says that live performances, like Mariah Carey, are how you launch a product. So they figure what's better than Brian McKnight. Brian and Jesse are excited, so Clint asks if they're going to brainstorm. They say they're doing this right now, so Clint interviews that none of the creative stuff was delegated to him (is he hurt that they didn't want him to sing? Poor, sensitive Clint), so he stayed out of it. Jesse suggests filming people connecting with troops at a National Guard Armory, to show the video. Jesse thinks they should try to go to West Point and back, which is 50 miles away. Clint doesn't think it makes sense to go all the way to West Point. Jesse says there's time, and Brian approves the idea.

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