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It's About Damn Time

Brian and Clint are planning. Brian's trying to prepare his music for the next day. He's on the phone, choosing his music and dancing around. Clint asks Brian if he's already written his track. He says he has. Clint says if he wants to bounce it off him, he'd be happy to. Brian just nods. He interviews that he knew Clint had some ideas, but he isn't sure how many country music fans would be there and this is a dictatorship, not a democracy. Brian asks Clint to call the choreographer and order four female dancers. Brian says he doesn't want to deal with that. So, Clint makes the call, but while he's on the phone, Brian weirdly comes up and wants to make a list with Clint. Clint apologizes to the guy on the phone, but does what Brian asks. He interviews that Brian had him doing what just about any bonehead could do: make phone calls. He says all he has to do so far in this task is rise to the level of bonehead. Brian keeps interrupting him while he's on the phone. Then Clint tells us that he's produced shows for 20years on tour, but Brian's keeping him in his little box making phone calls. Brian has him order smoke machines, lighting board, lights, and more. It's really funny, because Brian is spending as much time on these calls as Clint because he tells him exactly what to ask for instead of, I don't know, making the call himself and cutting out one step. Brian interviews, though, that this is finally good leadership: people taking direction and the leader leading. Then Clint's ordering a pizza, and Brian says, "There you go, Buddy." Clint laughs because... how could you not?

At Athena, Melissa's telling Claudia what her gut says. It's all about emotional payoff. Khloe doesn't feel that has anything to do with their phone. And I have no idea what they're talking about. Melissa interviews that they're way behind, so she's trying to get some form to it. She tells Claudia some vignette ideas: say goodnight, daddy; baby steps; a son recapping a game to their dad. She interviews that Claudia's not leading the team. Then Claudia interrupts and tells Melissa that she knows she produces a lot of things, but they feel like whenever they get close, Melissa interrupts. Melissa says she's not married to any of her ideas. Melissa says she's the one with the hands-on technical experience. Claudia interviews that Melissa's a spoiled only child. They keep arguing, and Melissa apologizes that she's sorry for writing too fast. She's all, "I'm sorry I'm too good." Claudia interviews that she had to shut Melissa up because the whole team was frustrated. Melissa says this is what she does for a living, and Claudia really talked down to her. Melissa interviews that Claudia was trying to cut her out. Melissa wants to stop arguing and do her work. Claudia interviews that she doesn't like Melissa's personality and then she totally goes there: "She looks funny. She scares me. I can't tell if she's happy or sad or pissed-off." She talks about her blank look and immobile forehead. I agree, but then Claudia praises Joan. So... I don't get it. They look the same. Both with far too much plastic surgery. Claudia says Melissa would be nowhere without Joan. [Which is the smartest thing she said all night. - Angel]

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